Gremlins Stripe mask

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Gremlins Stripe mask

Licensed Gremlins mask Stevens Spielberg's film "Gremlins little monsters"

Get ready to order now the Gremlins Stripe mask that has been manufactured to original templates of blockbuster "Gremlins" by Steven Spielberg.What in Gremlins - Little Monsters began with small, cuddly Mogawais, is at the end with the ultra evil Gremlins nightmare.Someone, as well forget that you must make the Mogawais not wet and do not feed them after midnight, not to mention the sunlight, which is not also get the Gremlins very good.With the fantastic looking gizmo stripe latex mask, you maskierst you as nasty gremlin with huge fangs and evil eye.

Extremely cool Gremlins Stripe latex mask with original features, huge ears and fake fur Mohawk.The detailed replica of the leader of nasty monsters, shows the reptilian, scaly skin and hazardous-Looking Eyes.,

1 x Gremlins Stripe mask

  • Color: Green / Beige / White / Orange
  • Size: Full head mask
  • Material: Latex, synthetic fur
  • Super realistic recreation
  • Gremlins license products
  • Original Gremlins Merchandise
  • Collectible