Venetian Masks

Venetian masks for carnival, fancy dress & theme parties. Order now sensual Venetian masks in various shapes & colors. Colombina masks, Jolly masks and the beak mask are the most famous Venetian masks.

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Venetian Masks & Eye Masks

Seductive moments and scary moments with Venetian masks

Venetian masks have an exciting history and come, as the name suggests, from Venice. There, the carnival is characterized by these face coverings, which are primarily intended to look splendid. Thereby, the mysterious accessories differ into two categories. On the one hand, there are the so-called half masks that cover only a part of the face. These have the wonderful advantage that you can eat and drink with them without any problems. On the other hand, there are the so-called Bauta, which covers the entire face and is characterized by a concise chin. Also in our shop there are some masks that cover the entire face. Especially sinister is the Venetian mask mugger. The mysterious Larva look is the absolute highlight of this mask. But also outside the carnival the masks were worn by the locals. Nowadays Venetian masks are a popular accessory for men and women not only at carnival but also at Halloween.

Venetian masks for Halloween

The advantage of these masks is that they can be worn by both men and women. Since the Venetian masks are sometimes more and sometimes less playful, you can design your Halloween outfit quite individually and think about what you make out of such a great mask. If you think that Venetian masks are more suitable for carnival, you should know that they fit at least as well to a Halloween theme. In many horror movies masks are worn. You can add something very sinister and mysterious to any mask, no matter how playful, by adjusting your make-up accordingly. For example, you can make fake blood stand out under the mask. This is just the thing for a perfect costume, especially on Halloween. The Venetian beak mask silver with its long beak also looks particularly threatening. This mask is especially popular with men and enhances your juggler costume. A smart suit would also be an ideal match for such a mask.

Seductive and mysterious - the Venetian eye mask

Venetian eye masks can also be worn by both men and women on Halloween. These cover the eye area and thus appear very seductive. The Venetian mask material Butterfly is likely to appeal most to women who want to look extra feminine on Halloween, rather than just a little scary. Like many of the Venetian eye masks, this one is made of fabric. This makes it comfortable to wear and doesn't leave your skin feeling uncomfortable. Each Venetian eye mask is one size fits all, so you don't have to consider much when buying. This mask is laced at the back of the head by straps attached to the sides. This means it won't slip and can be put on or taken off at any time. Something very unusual is also the Venetian Fabric Mask Cat, which is dominated by pointed ears and almond-shaped recessed eyes. This Venetian eye mask is reminiscent of Egyptian mythology and thus appears even more mysterious. Combine such a mask with a long robe or a figure-hugging dress and you will be the eye-catcher at the next Halloween party! Male mask fans can look forward to the Venetian skull mask with feathers silver / black for example. Dark feathers are attached to this Venetian eye mask and decorate the head. Since the mask is in dark tones, it looks especially menacing. It only covers the upper part of your face, leaving your mouth free for eating and drinking. The red rhinestones in the middle of the mask add to the effect and immediately catch the eye.

The right mask for every costume

As you can see, there are no limits to your creativity with a Venetian eye mask. No matter if you choose the form of a Colombine Mask, Jolly Mask or Beak Mask, you can use all Venetian Masks for your Halloween costume in style and set yourself completely in scene with it. Since the masks are mostly made of fabric or polyester, they are also skin-friendly and above all comfortable to wear. Become the next highlight at the Halloween party!

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