Stage Blood

Artificial & stage blood is a must-have item for makeup artists & Halloween fans! Shop now for Halloween, Zombie & Vampire Blood as well as Blood Gel, Blood-Capsules & Blood-Powder for Halloween special effects makeup and as Halloween decoration!

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A Hint of Halloween and Fake Blood

Besides the jack-o-lantern, there is one universal image that draws together everything that Halloween stands for… blood! If you think about it, almost every traditional costume is centered on blood. Zombies are always covered in blood and have oozing, rotting and just disgusting wounds all over their bodies. Vampires are constantly on a hunt to find some blood to drink. Masked murderers are covered in blood, and nine out of ten other costumes always feature a hint of blood somewhere for that creepy effect everyone is after!
For this Halloween, make sure that your costume and special effects decorations are accurate and realistic down to the last detail, and that means ensuring you have plenty of Fake Blood to use in your costume or as features on the decorations. Halloween Blood is obviously not real blood and instead, Stage Blood is used. This is Fake Blood that can be used in a variety of different ways and that can be made to look different, depending whether you want fresh blood, coagulated blood or flowing blood. Different wounds have different types of bloods and everyone knows that zombie blood is distinct from human blood.
At, we have tons of different types of Fake Blood and Halloween Blood. We have huge vats of blood that are great for setting the scene with some decorations, and we also have Halloween Blood that can be used as part of your costume. Are you dressing up as a zombie, or going with your friends as a herd of zombies? Then our selection of zombie-specific Stage Blood will make your costumes extra frightening.

Ultra-Realistic Fake Blood and Special Effects

This year, make an impression on your friends and shock them with some ultra-realistic special effects featuring Fake Blood in many different forms! What about this economy pack of Blood Capsules Economy? This Stage Blood based special effect will cause grotesque looking blood to drip out of your mouth. These capsules are specially designed to look like vampire blood and are a very spooky and unique finishing touch on your vampire costume, whether you are going as Dracula or a Twilight character.
If you are a part of a herd of zombies, make sure you have some zombie Halloween Blood to set yourself apart from your other half-dead cronies! This Zombie Blood Spray will spray Blood around your body and costume in a way that will seem like the zombie got impaled, a very realistic special effect, accomplished with only a little bit of Stage Blood! You could complement your zombie Stage Blood effects with this Blossom Alt Alt Fresh Scratch that is a disgusting special effect that will look like a realistic abrasion on your skin.
Need some more ideas for ingenious Hollywood-grade theatre special effects? If you detonate this Blood Pillow at the right time, you will blow everyone’s mind at the party. This simple pack of Halloween Blood adds a level of realism to your costume that you would never have thought possible.
At, we are all about helping you create the most realistic and impressive Halloween costumes imaginable. In addition to your costumes, decorations and makeup, some Fake Blood goes a really long way in transforming a mediocre costume into an out of this world professional one. Every costume can be improved with just a little bit of fake Halloween Blood. A little bit of Stage Blood is all it takes to make your zombie come to life or make people think that your Dracula character actually had some human blood for dinner! Don’t be afraid to scare others… after all, it’s only Halloween Blood and it’s only Halloween!

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