Voodoo costumes like creepy Baron Samedi skeletons and voodoo priestesses are all the rage! Find a Voodoo costume, decoration & accessories in our huge assortment and create your mix & match disguise.

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Why is a Voodoo costume trendy?

A Voodoo costume for the Halloween party is all the rage - but why? Voodoo is a syncretic religion that originally developed in West Africa. Today, the Voodoo religion is primarily based in Haiti, but has about 60 million followers worldwide. The good voodoo god is called "Bondieu" in French. Since the Voodoo God Bondieu is however so enormous and cruel that the believer cannot turn directly to him, there are the so-called Loa as mediators. The Loa are divine spirit beings in whose power it is to change things.

But why is a Voodoo costume so popular? Voodoo, at least in most people's minds, is dark, black and sinister. When you think of a voodoo costume, the familiar voodoo dolls that you peck with needles to hurt your enemies, using a voodoo spell, immediately come to mind. Black magic is officially rejected by the Voodoo religion. However, there are said to be sorcerers who can cast a damage spell & curse. So it's only natural to dress up as a warlock in a voodoo costume on Halloween night and cast black magic on your enemy.

Voodoo Costume for Halloween

Dressing up as classic witches and wizards is something anyone can do. A Voodoo costume is the new generation! A rag dress for the ladies and usually a "fancy" tailcoat for the gentlemen and in addition many feathers and bones as disguise accessories. A Voodoo costume has nothing to do with a classic witch costume anymore. It is the new trend of witchcraft & sorcery for the Halloween party!

Voodoo Costume Accessories and Voodoo Decorations

Are you planning a special Halloween party? Then go for a Voodoo theme party! In our horror shop you'll find a huge selection of Voodoo costume accessories, Voodoo decorations and also the perfect Voodoo costume for your whole family. The Voodoo Shaman Costume Accessory Set for women and men will turn you into a Voodoo Priest from a simple rag disguise. For the Voodoo themed party we also have great skull decorations, bones and hanging figurines like the Voodoo Witch with LED eyes.

Attention. A voodoo costume, voodoo decoration and voodoo costume accessories may contain traces of black magic!

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