Animal Masks

Animal masks are some of the most popular carnival masks around. Get an animal looking animal mask now and become a party animal. Funny animal masks for kids and adults to be able to mask up animal-like.

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Animal masks conquer the carnival and Halloween strongholds

The first glance at your stranger almost automatically falls on the face. If you want to score points with your disguise down to the last detail, you should therefore pay special attention to this area - and are therefore well advised to take a closer look at masks. Imitating the magnificent fur of a dog or the colourful skin of a reptile is notoriously difficult with classic make-up. In order to enrich the coming carnival or Halloween season as an authentic animal, it is therefore worth taking a closer look at animal masks. But what is important when choosing the right mask? And which animal species are actually available?

Animal masks for every animal taste

One wants to set funny accents, the other wants to embody the dangerous feline predator - fortunately, the assortment of masks is just as wide-ranging as the animal world. When choosing your masks you are spoilt for choice. If you want to slip into your disguise from head to toe, you should make sure that the appropriate costume Carnival Costumes is also available for the other parts of your body. Our shop offers you many possible combinations in this respect. For example, Chicken Mask Yellow matches Skin Suit Yellow in the same colour. You can also include your family: Proud dad wears the Hahn Latex Mask and your offspring turns into a stylish companion with the Chicken baby costume. But of course it doesn't always have to be the full-body look: a creepy Big bad wolf, a dangerous Great White Shark Mask Jaws or even the slightly weird Sheep Latex Mask will cause quite a stir on its own.

The comfortable appearance with optimally fitting animal masks

So that not only the other guests, but also you can enjoy the party or the event in a relaxed way, the wearing comfort is crucial when choosing the mask. First of all you should pay attention to the optimal view - after all you want to see everything at the party. Animal masks either have small slits that you can see through or are designed with transparent materials. To ensure that the mask fits securely, some headpieces are made of stretchy fabric that adapts perfectly to the shape of your head and thus always stays in shape. Other masks have additional fastening straps or buckles that also ensure a secure fit. Most animal masks are suitable for all head sizes and shapes. An exception to this rule are the special children's masks. These designs are often constructed as half masks so that even better breathability can be guaranteed. The elastic band on the back allows you to securely position the mask on your offspring. For allergy sufferers, it is also important to look at the material specification: If you have an intolerance to latex, you should specifically look for masks made of other materials. Many animal masks in our shop do not contain this material.

On the road with animal masks

The carnival procession and the following party are certainly the most famous occasions where you can score with your animal mask. But masks don't have to gather dust in the closet outside of the carnival season either: a theater performance gets its special charm with the right disguises and it's also worth grabbing a mask for Halloween. On this occasion, of course, the creepy motifs are more likely to come into consideration. With the mask Big bad wolf or Tiger face mask you can certainly scare the hell out of some innocent people. A cheeky pig, a happy monkey and a cute dog, on the other hand, are also welcome at the birthday party of younger contemporaries. One thing is certain: The spectrum at Masks offers a suitable selection for almost every animal preference. If you keep the central selection criteria in mind, you can look forward to exciting experiences with the animal masks. The only question that remains is who will recognize you first - or whether you will be able to stir up the party scene completely undetected. If animal masks don't suit your taste, we have more masks for you in our program:

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