Sclera Contact Lenses

Sclera contact lenses for Halloween & Carnival as special effect contact lenses. With the large Sclera contact lenses you can emphasize impressive special make-up effects. Order Sclera Motif Contact Lenses online now!

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Sclera contact lenses

Sclera contact lenses as a basis for special eye contact

Admittedly: The countless natural shades of blue, green and brown already hold a lot of potential for that special eye look. But supernatural beings and expressive personalities of the Halloween scene are not satisfied with the classic eye colors. Depending on the costume, you may have to deal with a seemingly unavoidable problem: A witch with ordinary brown eyes or a monster with bright blue eyes just can't wow you with full authenticity. So that the look into your eyes does not unmask you prematurely, you should rely on the right contact lenses. Quickly insert the lenses - and you'll be transformed into a horror figure from another planet or a light figure from a foreign galaxy.
Sclera contact lenses achieve a particularly impressive effect in this respect. These extended lenses cover not only the iris of your eyes, but also the conjunctiva around the eye. Sclera contact lenses and provide in this way for particularly impressive effects.

Sclera contact lenses for a haunting look

Whether it's a Halloween party or a cosplay event, sclera contact lenses offer that special effect at various occasions and costumes that will be remembered for a long time. The classic among the unusual eye colors is a bright red. Many anime characters are characterized by exactly this eye color - which thus naturally belongs to the authentic disguise. Go for the sclera contact lens variant in bright Sclera contact lenses red, choose the somewhat more discreet and even more daring model in Sclera contact lenses orange / red or opt for the mysterious sclera contact lenses Sclera contact lenses Red Demon.
Do you want the other party guests to sink into the night-black depths when they look into your eyes? In this case black sclera contact lenses like Sclera Contact Lenses Black are the right choice.
Finally, you can enjoy all the colours of the sea and the sky with sclera contact lenses in Sclera contact lenses dark blue or Sclera contact lenses light blue.

Are sclera contact lenses dangerous?

Before you let your eyes shine in new splendour with Sclera contact lenses for the first time, you should in any case consult an optician to find out whether your eyes are suitable for this type of lens. The enormous opacity of sclera contact lenses is due to their significantly larger dimensions compared to conventional lenses, to which some eyes can react sensitively. Finally, your optician will help you insert the lenses for the first time - this is where your skill is needed and experience with normal contact lenses is a great advantage.
For the sake of your eye health, you should also observe certain restrictions on use: you should only wear the sclera contact lenses for a few hours a day, for example at a special theme party or an unusual event, and not for too long a period. In addition, the lenses are not suitable for participation in road traffic. However, since the inner part of the lens is transparent, you will be able to enjoy your normal field of vision and will not notice any impairment of vision.

With Sclera contact lenses to a real demon or a magical anime character

Would you like to transform yourself completely, from the tip of your hair to the sole of your feet, into a strange being at the next event? In this case, your eyes as a mirror of the soul should not be excluded from the costume. Follow the safety instructions above and enjoy your unique appearance afterwards. With good care it does not have to remain with only one event: Sclera contact lenses can be used for up to 12 months.
If you are not quite sure whether sclera contact lenses are something for you, we recommend that you start out in the world of coloured lenses with our ordinary coloured contact lenses. If you have had good experiences here and are ready for the complete transformation, you can go for the sclera version.
Do you really want to move through the crowd completely undetected? Then choose your favorite color among the lenses in our range and order your favorite conveniently online.

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