Beards & Sideburns

In our shop you will find a great selection of fake Beards and Sideburns made of synthetic or real hair. No matter if you are after the big moustache of pi Magnum or an Abraham Lincoln style beard in this great section you will find the perfect face hair

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Have Fun at the Next Costume Party with Fake Beards and Sideburns!

For Halloween, Carnival or fancy dress characters, choosing the right Beards & Sideburns is necessary to perfect your look. Sometimes, the most notable aspect of the character you are portraying is their unique facial hair, so be sure to choose the right Carnival Beards or Fancy Dress Beards. It’s incredible how even the smallest facial hair accessory can completely disguise you.
At we have tons of Beards & Sideburns as well as Fancy Dress Beards including all sorts of moustaches, different facial hair styles and even some fake eyebrows. If you are worried about how to tie your look together and complete your disguise, facial hair is the most effective accessory to make people say ‘nice costume’! We also have lots of facial hair sets to adopt the impressive look you are aiming for quickly and easily.
If you are not sure which Fancy Dress Beards to use to complete your Halloween look, try searching for the keywords about your costume. For example, if you are dressed as a business man, nice guy or gentleman, the Gentleman Beard Brown would definitely turn some heads. Or if you want to go as a pirate and need a Carnival Beard, you can try the Pirate Beard Set. The possibilities are endless, and by searching for what you need for your fancy dress costume, you can be sure to find the right Beards & Sideburns on Don’t forget to check out the suggestions on the pages of the different facial hair accessories for great suggestions and important pairings for your Carnival Beard or Fancy Dress Beards.
All of the Beards & Sideburns are one size fits all, so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding one that will fit you. What a great alternative to expensive and uncomfortable makeup; you can get the same effect with an inexpensive Fancy Dress Beard. Don’t forget though, these are not toys and are adult products. As with all decorative costume products, we suggest you test the material on a small part of skin, like your elbow, before affixing it to your face, just in case.

Real or Synthetic Carnival Beards?

If you really want to astound your friends and other people at the party, what better way to do that than to incorporate Carnival Beards made with real human hair? If you are dressing up as an old Chinese merchant, including the Real Hair Moustache Chinese Black will make people think that you are actually an old Chinese man. It’s incredible how a little bit of real human hair in your Fancy Dress Beard can make an ordinary costume an extraordinary one.
If you prefer to stick to synthetic materials, there is a huge selection of facial accessories made from synthetic materials, like the Giant Sideburns Elvis Grey. Either way, whether you are looking for Fancy Dress Beards or Carnival Beards, using real or synthetic hair, we have countless variations of beards, moustaches, sideburns, eyebrows and all different sorts of facial hair in different styles and colors.

How to Find the Right Beards & Sideburns

When the choices of the right costume accessories are seemingly endless, it might be hard to make a final decision. If you are stuck trying to find the perfect Fancy Dress Beard to fit your costume, we have many colors of the same style and many styles of the same color. Need a curly moustache? Check out the Gezwirbelter Schnauzer black, Gezwirbelter Schnauzer white or Gezwirbelter Schnauzer red. You can even trim, cut and shape these Carnival Beards in order to alter your costume.
Most of our facial hair costume accessories are self-adhesive, however if you are worried about your Carnival Beard falling off during the party, check out the Mastic Skin Adhesive 59 Ml. It is an easy way to make sure that your Fancy Dress Beard stays right where it should and you stay disguised all night.
A fake beard, moustache or sideburns is a great way to get in character and play lots of different roles. What’s more notable than Giant black sideburns or Santa Beard & Wig Set? It’s amazing how a fake Carnival Beard could completely transform your look, so don’t miss your opportunity to make your costume the talk of the party and find the right Fancy Dress Beard from our wide selection. You won’t be disappointed and neither will your friends when they say, “I hardly recognized you under that great costume”!

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