Beards & Sideburns

Fake beards & sideburns as costume accessories for Halloween, carnival & fancy dress. Huge selection of moustaches & full beards made of artificial and real hair. Order your dwarf beard, hippster beard & porn moustache online now!

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Beards & sideburns as a perfect costume accessory

What would a carnival costume be without beards & sideburns. With these accessories you can hide your face so that no one can recognize you. Various carnival beards are available to make your costume perfect. Depending on the type of costume, different beards & sideburns are appropriate. For example, a mustache with a chin beard goes with the Pirate Costume Deluxe. The ends of the moustache touch the beginning of the chin beard. The pirate's mouth is framed by the two beards. It looks different with a Chinese Beard black. This one wears a narrow mustache the ends hang up to the chin. A sheik in turn wears a moustache and a chin beard. The chin beard is kept rather short. If you want to dress up as a rocker, for example from ZZ Top, you need a long rocker beard. This will give you a wild look that matches your costume. Charlie Chaplin's beard is discreet and small, with only a small upper lip beard. With a Vikings Velkan Costume Large you can be recognized as a barbarian by a wildly grown full beard. For Vikings a red beard is more suitable, for barbarians you can choose a brown-grey one. How about for example our Viking Wig-beard Combination?
Beards & sideburns are also worn by grandfathers. Think of the Almöhi from Heidi with his white beard. Also for this we have the suitable carnival beards as for example the Gray Beard shows. Another famous man who likes to wear beards and sideburns is Abraham Lincoln. Your disguise is perfect with the matching Real Hair Beard Lincoln Black and a black top hat to go with it. The most famous of all beards & sideburns wearers is probably Elvis Presley Costume. His sideburns reach almost to the corners of his mouth. If you want to dress up as Elvis, you definitely need the matching carnival beards. The beards & sideburns are usually self-adhesive or are often applied with Mastix Hautkleber klein. Before you use it on your face, you should test whether you can tolerate it. To do this, put a little of it in the crook of your elbow and wait a little while.

False beards & sideburns in different colors and shapes

Beards & sideburns always look different. Sideburns can be subtle, but they can also be striking. Some are incorporated into beards, such as carnival beards for sailors or lumberjacks. You don't have to portray a famous personality to use beards and sideburns. Your imagination is the limit with these carnival beards. You can also combine beards & sideburns to simulate gray temples. Carnival beards are the most popular way to hide your face. The glue-on version is especially practical, because once glued on, these carnival beards last all day. Beards that are worn around the neck are rather impractical, because they slip easily. A little tip: If you are at a party and wear beards & sideburns, put the glue in your pocket for safety. If your fancy dress beard does start to come loose, you can quickly glue it back on. Here at you can also find colorful fantasy carnival beards.

Carnival beards change your face immediately

The Clown Bart in rainbow colors is very suitable for fantasy costumes. The carnival beards are available individually or as a set. This allows you to customize your disguise. Stick on sideburns and choose carnival beards as you like them. You are still undecided which moustache you want to wear? For you, it would be advisable to take the Mustache 12 Pack as your carnival beards. Choose which of the beards suits you and your costume best. Carnival beards just have to be, even if you don't want to embody a certain famous personality. Of course, the beards are also suitable for women who want to slip into a male role as a drag king. Full beards are popular to hide the entire face behind. To make the face look more masculine, bushy eyebrows are the perfect addition to it. These are also available from us as a disguise specialist. You can also easily trim the beard and eyebrows to suit your needs or, for example, weave braids into the beard. It looks cool if you tie the braids together with a colourful elastic band or close them with beads. Glue the beards & sideburns well, then you have the whole evening something of it.

Here you can find more costume accessories to give your disguise the final touch:

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