Artificial Eyelashes

False eyelashes for the perfect eye look. With artificial eyelashes as a make-up accessory you can complement your beauty make-up as well as your Halloween and carnival make-up and create sexy or dramatic moments.

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False eyelashes

Artificial eyelashes for the perfect eye look

Nowadays, simple mascara is no longer enough for many women to highlight their make-up. Therefore, there are now many variations of false eyelashes. Artificial eyelashes are available in a wide variety of colors, designs, shapes and different materials. False eyelashes to glue on are usually made of synthetic hair, whereas the higher quality variants are made of human head hair, which is sterilized and dyed during production. Human hair eyelashes also come in a variety of designs, but they are usually applied in the same way as eyelashes made from synthetic hair.
But no matter what material false eyelashes are made of, they will definitely make your eye makeup look great. Your eye looks bigger, brighter and more awake with artificial eyelashes. False eyelashes make your eye look very seductive and sexy.

False eyelashes in the nature look for your natural beauty make-up

Artificial eyelashes not only thicken the normal growth, but can also lengthen your eyelashes by various shades. For your beauty day make-up false eyelashes are recommended especially in the look that is rather natural. The eyelashes should support your conventional eyelashes in color, length and density without completely falsifying them or making them look too exotic. Nature Look false eyelashes help to support your eye shape and eye colour, together with your eye make-up, without looking unnatural and obtrusive.

Extravagant false eyelashes for stage, film and show dancing

False eyelashes that look extraordinary, extremely sexy or dramatic can go far beyond a natural look and are especially necessary for the grand swanky entrance. Artificial eyelashes with a "wow effect" are especially appropriate when the audience and spectators are sitting a little farther away from you. If you use "normal" false eyelashes, they would not notice the effect of artificial eyelashes at all or only at the edge. False eyelashes for Halloween, carnival and fancy dress are not subject to any fixed rules, just like in the show business. There are false eyelashes with rhinestones, feathers, neon colors and artificial eyelashes that glow in UV light. Especially popular are false eyelashes that match a theme such as ladybug eyelashes and bee eyelashes which are costume and makeup accessories that reflect the color and pattern of your animal costume.

Exotic eyelashes for drag queens

Extreme fancy false eyelashes are popularly used for travesty show and drag queens. In this area, no value is placed on the natural look of the false eyelashes, the main thing must be flashy and eye-catching! The artificial eyelashes can be made of cardboard, lace or extreme length, so that the "artist" needs a feat of strength to be able to open her eyes at all.

Single eyelashes and tufts of eyelashes to glue on

False eyelashes are available individually or in 2D to 6D tufts. Whether you choose single lashes or the lash clusters, these are more for the natural look. Of course you can apply many single false eyelashes and clusters for your Halloween & Carnival make-up to achieve that special eye look, but extra long and extraordinary false eyelashes are much better for that. Some women do themselves with single artificial eyelashes easier, because these can be glued without much practice with tweezers and a small dot of eyelash glue easy on the eye. The biggest advantage of single false eyelashes is that you can determine the amount and volume for your natural or eye-catching make-up.

Mega selection of false eyelashes for every occasion

We're sure you'll find the right pair of false eyelashes to give your costume character the perfect eye look in our huge selection of false eyelashes. Treat yourself to great moments with false eyelashes and see the world with completely different eyes.

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