Latex Wounds

Halloween latex wounds as a special make-up effect! Order realistic looking latex wounds now and make up your own hollywood Halloween make-up. Make up zombie wounds and realistic accidents yourself with latex applications!

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Latex Wounds as Special Make Up

You want to be the center of attention at every Halloween, carnival or fancy dress party thanks to your fancy and absolutely realistic looking costume? Hollywood and the film industry swear by latex wounds when it comes to depicting blatant splatter effects or realistic accidents. Latex wounds can be used to bring a wide variety of make up effects to life in the dream factory and in the theatre. By simply attaching them to your body or face you can conjure up wounds wherever you want and the shock effect of your friends will be huge! Since there are many different models of Halloween wounds, there are no limits to your imagination and you can customize them to fit your costume and become your own professional make-up artist. What do you think about dressing up as a rotten zombie and scaring the hell out of people with a Rotted zombie latex application?

What do I do if I have a latex allergy?

Nowadays a lot of people suffer from a latex allergy, but this is not a big problem anymore, because we offer a wide range of latex free wounds in our assortment, which are made of gelatine and partly can even be applied completely without skin glue. Since these do not show a big difference to the conventional wounds, you can definitely use them as an alternative. For example, you can opt for zombie wounds in the form of 3D Tattoo Decaying Zombie for your zombie costume that will make you look like you are decomposing. Or you can choose the 3-D gelatin gel Blutrot 14ml or the Bio SFX Pock Marks, which will help you to make your zombie wounds look even more bloody and realistic. So you don't have to miss this indispensable fun even if you are allergic!

Apply latex wounds

Applying the artificial wounds is a piece of cake for you. As soon as you have decided what you want to dress up as, you can choose the right Halloween wounds in our online shop. Then use Mastic Skin Adhesive 59 Ml to apply them to the desired part of your body or face and conceal the transitions to your skin with Liquid latex skin color / Flesh 30ml or Kryolan Special Plastic. The whole thing will be authentic. Finally, the whole thing becomes authentic with Blood Gel / Blood Gel 30ml, so that at first glance it is no longer possible to distinguish whether it is actually a real or just a Halloween wound.

Why are so many people enthusiastic about latex wounds?

Many people are enthusiastic about latex wounds, especially in the form of Halloween wounds, because they look realistic and are very easy to apply. Unlike the self-painted wounds, one has much less hassle as all one has to do is pick the Halloween wound they want, order it and stick it on the designated area. You don't have to deal with numerous make-up utensils, which you would need without latex application to make the wound look real. Thanks to the latex the wounds are in 3D-optics; if you additionally work with fake blood, an outside person won't know right away if you just had an accident or if your wound is fake. You can realize your costume idea much easier with the help of latex wounds and turn even a simple, plain costume into a real shocker by decorating it with Latex Applications.

Combine latex wounds perfectly

Even though everything that looks scary and gruesome is allowed on Halloween - you should not overdo it!
You should make sure that your appliqués, wounds and Costumes match so that you don't mix several characters together, because this might make your disguise look unrealistic. So if you want to cause a stir at the next Halloween party with your zombie wounds, you should make sure that your applications are really coherent. Because even on Halloween sometimes less is more and you can cause more fright with for example one big See No Evil Wound than with several small, randomly distributed zombie wounds all over your body.

Application examples for latex wounds

With latex applications and latex wounds there are no limits to your imagination and there are a lot of different models. First of all you have to decide for a make up character. No matter if the latex applications are Latex Ears, devil ears or the famous Zip wound, latex wounds and latex applications are available for almost every area of dressing up. Livery role play, science fictional characters or mythical creatures - there's hardly a character that couldn't get a great make up effect with Latex Applications. Latex applications come in a wide variety and include: Latex Horns , various cuts, artificial scars, festering bumps, glass and splinter wounds for realistic accident portrayal. Latex warts, vampire ears, balding foil and elf ears are available for witch make up. With our Halloween latex applications you can become a make-up artist yourself.

Latex wounds for the realistic accident portrayal RUD

Quite apart from the entertainment industry, there are still professional groups that use latex wounds as a means to an end! Professional instructors of fire brigades, disaster control and casualty officers learn how to deal with disasters and accidents with the help of latex applications. In order to make the horror scenarios in the fire drill or maneuver look dramatically real, latex wounds are used for realistic accident representation, or RUD for short. With a lot of effort, the future helpers, rescuers and soldiers with latex applications, are prepared for their later traumatic operational situation.

Latex wounds and latex applications should not be missing at any make up artist!

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