Pirates & Buccaneers

Here you get everything for a hilarious pirate and buccaneer party! Pirate costumes and accessories to turn your home into a pirate's den!

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Pirates and buccaneers

Ships, skulls, glittering parties and pirate costumes

The pirate's life was characterized by adventurous life on the high seas, fights and myths and of course exuberant parties. The pirate costumes were as varied as the life in those days. Colourful, individual and very extravagant, they made it immediately clear that you were dealing with a pirate or a pirate.

With a few steps to the pirate costume

Three-cornered hat or headscarf, eye patch, wide shirt and a sabre - pirate costumes largely correspond to a common cliché. Here you'll find everything you need for your pirate theme party to party in style as Blackbeard or Sir Francis Drake.

And now off to the buccaneer party with one of our pirate costumes!
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