50s Party

50s Party

50s costume & rock n roll disguises for him & her. Here you will find 50s rockabilly costumes & accessories. From Pin Up Girl to Elvis and Rock n Roll Girl Sandy. Dress up now in the motto of the 50s & Rock n Roll.

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50s Costume & Rock n Roll

Welcome to the 50s! The fifties are always a very popular theme for birthdays, carnival & fancy dress. A 50s costume dresses up women wonderfully feminine & the men really rock & roll. Here you'll find everything for your next 50s party - from Elvis wigs to pink poodle handbags to classic polka dot petticoat costume dresses. Flared dresses, pencil skirts, cool wigs with hair bands & 50s costume accessories for women, men & kids! Find your 50s costume here!

50s costume - it has to be especially feminine

In the 50s, women were dressed especially feminine. Wide flared skirts, tight-fitting blouses, but also tight pencil skirts were in vogue. Bust, buttocks and hips were emphasized and everything had to be coordinated from head to toe. Matching handbags, hats, shoes and gloves could not be missing from any 50s costume. The hair of the ladies in the fifties was always nicely coiffed, with an outer wave or an updo, and they often wore a hair band that was color-coordinated with the 50s costume.

Sexy, masculine, chic - the man in the 50s costume

Especially elegant were the men of the fifties with a three-piece suit, consisting of vest, jacket and trousers. With his shirt he usually wore a strikingly patterned tie or bow tie. Elvis Presley, James Dean & Frank Sinatra were definitely the classic role models and still are today when it comes to the perfect 50s costume for men. A bowler hat, suspenders and a cigar to go with the fancy suit were the 50s dressing up accessories. Equally popular was the college look black leather jacket, a white undershirt and blue jeans. With a slicked back hairstyle and sunglasses, this look was also perfect.

What makes a 50s costume

As the fashion in the 50ies was for men and women - so should your 50s costume look like. Important for ladies is: It must be feminine, chic & figure accentuated. For men it has to be elegant, cool & sexy. The matching 50s costume accessories like a hat, tie or bow tie, suspenders, a hair band, a handbag, frilly stockings and gloves should not be missing. Flared petticoat costume dresses & skirts with classic polka dot patterns, a hairstyle with quiff and hair band - add pretty pumps and the 50s costume for women is perfect. Men like to wear the classic Elvis costume to their 50s theme party. With our Elvis Presley costume and a matching wig, the 50s theme party can start right away. As a couple you can also dress up as Danny (John Travolta) and Sandy (Olivia Newton-John) in Grease style. We have a perfect 50s costume for everyone!

50s costume & rock n roll accessories for women, men & kids here in huge selection for every occasion!

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