Doctor & Nurse

From doctor costumes to nurse costumes, you'll find it all here. At the hospital theme party it's "party till the doctor comes! Sexy nurse costumes and surgeon costume accessories in a huge selection for Halloween & theme parties.

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Nurse Costume & Doctor Costume

Party until the doctor comes! With a nurse costume and a doctor costume you are well prepared for every carnival party, carnival ball & especially the theme party under the motto "professions". If you just want to be the demigod in white for once, a doctor costume is exactly the right disguise for you. If your partner wants to dress up as a nurse, you'll be an irresistible duo. Just distribute the roles for once! Man in a nurse costume & woman in a sexy doctor's coat - because laughter is known to be the best medicine.

Behind every doctor costume is an even better nurse costume.

Doctor shows like Dr. House, Grey's Anatomy, Scrubs - the Beginners & The Good Doctor are so popular with us for a reason. The affairs between the surgeons and the doctor's assistants are always big news. That's really a reason to throw a hospital theme party. In a sexy doctor costume, you're guaranteed to drive the women in the nurse costume so crazy that the fever thermometer glows. Frivolous doctor games will impress your nursing angels & patients so much that the side effects could be sudden heart palpitations and shortness of breath. When you come to the theme party in an erotic nurse costume, you actually have to hand out a package insert for risks and side effects. There's a reason why a nurse costume is one of the most popular erotic costumes. Because this snow-white slut is prettier, blonder, firmer...!

Halloween party in nurse costume and doctor costume

"The doctor wants to do a "big blood bath" on me for lab results - plus he wants me to go in for a hearing test". "The doctor said I should drown my sorrows - but my wife just won't go in the water." These are sayings that could fall at the Halloween party. A bloodied doctor costume with zombie makeup, plus the zombie hospital nurse in a nurse costume - what could be more fitting. Lab doctor & lab nurse costumes are also ideal for Halloween parties. Every nurse costume and doctor costume can be zombified for Halloween night.

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