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Coloured contact lenses, colourful contact lenses or sclera lennses - here you will find everything your eyes might desire!

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Contact Lenses

The Ultimate Transformation using Special Makeup Lenses

Are you ready to make the ultimate transformation into your Halloween character? Then you must look into ordering some specialty Contact Lenses. No, these are not normal lenses to help you see; they are non-prescription, Special Makeup Lenses. You wear them exactly like normal Contact Lenses, with the caveat that they are colored differently, have special patterns or colors on them or are designed to cover the entire eye, such as the special Sclera Contact Lenses that will give the ultimate creepy intimidation effect when you are in costume.
At, we are happy to offer you a huge choice of Halloween Contact Lenses and Special Makeup Lenses that will transform your costume into an unforgettable one, help you take on the role of a possessed demon or morbid zombie, or just support your favorite country at the next international sports event. Our Horror Contact Lenses are guaranteed to give someone a fright, so use them carefully; specifically, our range of Sclera Contact Lenses will give people an unexpected shock when they see you with your Special Makeup Lenses.
Have you never worn Contact Lenses before? They are suitable for most peoples’ eyes; however it is advisable that you check with your optician before trying to put them in. Even for experienced lenses wearers, the Sclera Contact Lenses are designed to cover the white part of the eye, or the sclera, and are a bit trickier to put it, but the Coloured Contact Lenses are normal sized.
Are you worried about how to take care of your Horror Contact Lenses, or are you nervous about getting infections? First and foremost, wash your hands well before you handle any type of Special Makeup Lenses. Make sure that you have a good storage unit for them, like this Contact Lens Case and a good lens solution, such as this 50ml bottle of Contact Lense Solution 50 ml. Using a good case and  good liquid will ensure that your Halloween Contact Lenses remain clean, don’t bother your eyes, and can be used again and again.

Sclera Halloween Contact Lenses

The sclera is the white part of your eye, different than the colored part, or iris. Oftentimes, in horror movies, when you see a character has an abnormally large iris; it gives a feeling of supernatural talents or possession by the devil and is extremely frightening. Do you want that ultra-realistic and supernatural edge in your next Halloween costume? Then check out our selection of sclera Halloween Contact Lenses. These Horror Contact Lenses are slightly difficult to handle, so take care and talk to your optician.
Are you going for the desperate goth look, or the eternally isolated, pseudo-possessed look? The best place to start then would be with these Sclera contact lenses black that give the ultimate impression of fear and fright. If there is any better way to say ‘possessed by the devil’ than Sclera contact lenses red, we challenge you to find it! This color of Horror Contact Lenses is guaranteed to send the chills right up someone’s back; with only the help of a small pair of Halloween Contact Lenses, your costume goes from ‘scary’ to ‘oh my lord there is a devil in the room with me’!

Colored Halloween Contact Lenses

Whether you are accentuating your natural eye color with Special Makeup Lenses, transforming into a creepy werewolf or just supporting your favorite country, we have tons of Colored Contact Lenses to choose from. These Halloween Contact Lenses put the finishing touch on any costume. These Shocking White Contact Lenses give the ultimate impression of death and would be a perfect complement to a zombie costume. How could you ever pull off a convincing zombie without some Horror Contact Lenses, anyways?
These Yellow Raven Eye Contact Lenses are a type of Special Makeup Lenses that give an immediate sense of young witches meeting in a coven, just as these Green Anaconda Contact Lenses reflect an inner serpent. Many of these Horror Contact Lenses are not necessarily specific for a single costume, but are just really cool and unique designs that you can use for many different costumes; the choice is yours. For example, these UV Orange Contact Lenses can be seen from across the room in any party and these White Demon Contact Lenses are just very unique! Whatever you are dressing up as, why don’t you complement the look and bring it all together with some cool, Colored Contact Lenses?
You’ve worked so hard to make this an unforgettable Halloween. Don’t stop now. Adding some Halloween Contact Lenses, either colored or sclera, will transform your outfit entirely and make you the talk of the party… all with some simple Horror Contact Lenses. Bring the zombies to life!!

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