Joke Items

Joke Items are perfect for nasty little party pranks and practical jokes. Classic practical joke devices for April Fools' Day and other funny occasions.

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Funny Joke Items

A fancy dress party is the perfect occasion to take your guests for a ride!

Here at the Horror Shop we love having fun. This is why we like to quote Charlie Chaplin and say "A day without laughter is a day wasted." In our Joke Items section you will find lots of entertaining jokes and pranks. We have fake tattoos for practical-joke beginners, as well as soiled diapers and smelly spray poo for professional pranksters. Have a look around and find the right party joke to match your personality.

Funny pranks will make your next Halloween or Carnival party a guaranteed success! In our product range you'll find a big selection of funny, dirty and shocking Joke Articles that will certainly entertain you and your guests. Don't we all remember the classic childhood pranks like stink bombs, fake poo, laugh track and the like? But here at the Horror Shop we also stock some horror jokes to scare your friends on Halloween.
In this section you will find a big selection of funny, naughty or shocking jokes - you and your guests will love them!

If on Halloween you wish to create a rather spooky atmosphere and spread fear and terror amongst your party guests, we recommend a wound tattoo, a severed ear, joke razor blades with fake blood or a hypodermic syringe. Or do you plan a funny party with just some spooky elements? Check out our slimy heart, the bloody maggots water ball or our popular revolting pongball eyes! With our joke articles you can be sure to have lots of fun at your Halloween party!

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