Sexy Joke Article

Sexy novelty items are very popular and perfect as a fun party favor and naughty gift. Sexy novelty items like penis candles, pussy keychains, cock sucker straws and tits keychains are a hit!

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Sexy joke article

A sizzling livener for any fun party

Laughter, blushes and lewd remarks - usually reactions of many party guests when sexy joke articles come into play! And what could be funnier than livening up a party with rubber dolls, penis straws or our Tits Drink Bong?

Sexy novelties speak for themselves

But not only are these perfect for laughs, they're also perfect for subliminally spreading explicit messages! They are also suitable for dates where the direction is already set - and symbolically initiate the "warm-up phase".

Now enter the realm of sexy joke articles and delight your fellow men!
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