Party Decorations & Accessories

Party Decorations and Accessories for Halloween and Carnival! Here you will find everything you need to throw a fancy and atmospheric party!

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Set the Tone for your Party with the Right Party Decorations

Everything’s ready; the Facebook invites have been sent out, your friends are on their way, your costume, wig and mask are on form... The only thing that is left is to create the atmosphere for the party! The best place to start is with some unique and inspirational Party Decorations. No party is truly complete without the right Fancy Dress Party Decorations, so don’t let all the effort you put into organizing the Halloween, Carnival or birthday party of the year go to waste. With the right props, favors and balloons, you can transform your home or office into a spooky haunted house for Halloween or the raucous streets of New Orleans on Mardi Gras! is proud to offer a huge selection of Party Decorations. We have the right accessories to create the atmosphere for any Halloween, Carnival or Birthday Party, not to mention Balloons and Event Supplies to make sure that your guests are happy, having a great time and astounded with the unforgettable party you are throwing them. With our choice of Fancy Dress Party Decorations, your party is sure to impress.

Halloween and Carnival Party Decorations

Trying to turn your living room into the spookiest, eeriest and creepy-crawliest haunted house in the neighborhood? The options are limitless and with’s Party Decorations, your party will stand out from the crowd and be the best Halloween ever! Why not greet your guests with some Halloween Scene Setters like the Blood Bath (#: 24921) scary toilet door cover or some Pumpkin Window Decorations. You can mix and match from our unique selection of Fancy Dress Party Decorations to set the mood however you want, whether you want a more child-friendly and light-hearted Halloween party or a chilling, terrifying and bloody horror house! We have tons of Halloween Props, Halloween Decorations, Tombstones and all sorts of other decorations to put the finishing touches on your Halloween decorations.
If it’s time for Carnival, why not make the most colorful celebration possible? Our Carnival Fancy Dress Party Decorations include general Carnival Decorations, Streamers, Lanterns, Garlands and Table Decorations for the most authentic Mardi Gras party ever. Let your imagination run riot, but be sure to include lots of green, yellow and purple, the traditional Carnival colors. Why not start with some Jumbo Streamers - Hardly Inflammable. Don’t worry; they are flame retardant so they will help create a safe and fun party. Some quirky Zuglaterne pink with colorful dots will help set the mood too! Carnival is all about fun, never knowing what’s around the corner and doing your own thing, so there is no right way to decorate the party. Have fun with it and choose whatever Fancy Dress Party Decorations you need for a super Carnival party.

Birthday Parties, Balloons and other Party Decoration

Birthday parties occur all year, but we have you covered here at We have all sorts of Party Decorations that will turn an ordinary birthday into an extraordinary one. We have lots of numbered decorations for all ages of people celebrating: what about some Wimpelkette balloon 60 years for dad’s birthday when he turns 60? There are loads of fun accessories to choose from, like the Napkin traffic sign 18 for an 18th birthday party. These fun and light-hearted props will make the party you throw, whoever it’s for, into a magical and unforgettable one.
For any other parties, even the ones without a specific reason (who needs a reason to party, right?) can also supply you with a ton of different Balloons and general Event Supplies. Even if you are just having a simple party, it’s amazing what a few balloons can do. Also, it’s important that all your guests are comfortable and happy and that the party runs smoothly; check out the Disposable Tableware, Sanitary Products, Napkins, Access & Control Vouchers and Raffle Tickets & Blanks, too.
If you need Fancy Dress Party Decorations, our selection of Halloween and Carnival decorations for inside and out will surely not disappoint. If it’s a birthday party or general get together, we have you covered there as well. Sometimes it’s as much fun to prepare for the party as it is to host it, so make sure you make the best first impression when your guests walk into what is going to be the most memorable party of the year!

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