Horror Clowns

Horror clown costumes and make up for the crazy psycho clown from the Circus of Horror are among the trendiest costumes for Halloween & Carnival. Order your Horror Clown costume online now.

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Horror Clown Halloween Costume

Dressed up as a horror clown you can become a killer clown and a zombie clown and scare all the circus visitors! An evil clown isn't all that different from a "normal" jokester. You can even use a regular clown costumeWindbag of Clown Costume as a killer clown without it having to look scary from the start. You can also use a Halloween costume like the Killer Mime CostumeKiller mime costume, which already has blood stains on it, to be dressed as an evil clown. If you want to transform a conventional or existing clown costume for your appearance as an evil clown, use film blood, black tea and perhaps a wire brush to make the costume look old and dirty. The more broken and "filthy" it looks, the more likely people will buy your appearance as an evil clown.

Horror Clown Makeup

To really raise goosebumps as an evil clown, you'll need to come up with some really nasty clown makeup. Conventional clown make-upClown Make Up Set Deluxe is adapted to the appearance of a killer clown according to your ideas. There are many tricks to create an evil clown make-up out of a conventional circus clown make-up. Think first and foremost of smudged makeup, wrinkles, dark circles under the eyes, rotten teeth and a devilishly wide grin. With black contour pencilStargazer liner pencil black and white clown make-upClown Make Up White you already have the basics to create your evil clown make-up. Use some nasty clown faces that you can copy from our horror clown masks as inspiration. For example, how about Twisty the ClownAmerican Horror Story Twisty The Clown Mask from "American Horror Story", who has already achieved cult status in no time with his devilish appearance.

Evil Clown Horror Mask

If a killer clown make-up is too much trouble for you or you don't trust yourself to do it, you of course have the possibility to wear a scary horror clown mask as a Halloween mask. The selection of scary looking clown masks (shop search "clown mask" link) is huge and you're sure to find the right one among our horror masks. Starting with the circus clown horror maskHorror Clown Mask With Afro Wig over the horror clown half maskHorror Clown Half Mask you can also wear a Slipknot clown maskSlipknot Clown Mask as a heavy metal fan and cause trouble. As an evil clown masked you remind many party visitors certainly of some film or novel character from the horror genre.

Evil clown as a cult figure

It has been said time and time again that clown phobia has been contributed to by the movie business and famous novels that an evil clown is a nightmare for many people. For example, one of the most famous clowns is the "Joker"Joker Mask Dark Knight the antagonist of Batman, the killer clown "Pennywise"Killer Clown Costume from Stephen King's "It" or the extremely sadistic clown "Captain Spaulding"Masked Killer Costume from Rob Zombie's House of 1000 Corpses. Classics are also the mean clown from "Poltergeist" and the Killer Klowns from Outer SpaceKiller Klowns Shorty mask As you can see, the possibilities to be dressed up as an Evil Clown are manifold! We're sure that with our wide range of clown costumes, clown masks and clown make-up, you'll quickly find the right disguise to scare and frighten people in the ring.

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