Professional Theatrical Makeup

Professional Stage Make-Up for mask makers and make-up artists who need top quality makeup and make-up accessories

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Professional Stage Make-Up

Top quality theatrical makeup and makeup accessories for pros

Professional Stage Make-Up for make-up artists and mask makers who need top quality accessories to create fantastic special effects. Professional Stage Make-Up is what you need to meet the special requirements of movie and theatre makeup.

Professional Stage Make-Up on tv and on stage  

Most of this make-up has very particular properties, depending on the purpose. Most of it is highly pigmented and tested if it causes any allergic reactions as it is designed for daily use on stage and film sets. From water-based makeup and creme make-up to different types of powder makeup you will find the perfect material for all make-up techniques.

Professional make-up for the catwalk

In our shop you will find a vast selection of products for make-up artists and mask makers. You can use our Professional Stage Make-Up to create ravishing effects for fashion shows, travesty shows and stage events. In everyday life it can be used to cover up blemishes and skin alterations.

Professional Stage Make-Up for everyday use and for Mardi Gras, Carnival and Halloween!

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