Halloween Makeup

Halloween makeup & horror special FX makeup for hobby makeup artists & professionals! Shop now for scary Halloween makeup and create extraordinary makeup effects for Halloween, Zombie Walks & theme parties!

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Venturing into halloween horror makeup

Tired of having to choose between the same standard costumes every year? Take your party to the next level and choose between this wide variety of horror makeup to make your experience complete. It will make the difference, adding the adjective “mind-bending” to the description of your disguise, and allowing you to scare all your guests.
No matter what your expertise applying makeup is, you will find a suitable product for you. Both amateur and professional products are offered, making the dreamed disguise reachable for everyone. You can now get the macabre look of those zombies, vampires and creatures from your favorite TV show or movie with items like the Bloodsucker make up set and the Zombie Jawbone Wound.

Versatility of Horror Makeup

Although in general women are more used to be wearing makeup than men, when it comes to Halloween there is no distinctness. Just by making a quick viewing to our catalog
,you will find a wide range of different types of makeup, aimed at men, women and even kids. Giving an extra thought to this last group, as the children might have trouble matching the application area of some types of makeup. That is why you will find special products for them, that fit all their needs.
Furthermore, and showing off our versatile inventory, customers with latex allergy can find adapted products for them. For example, if they want to add wounds to their zombie makeup, gelatin wounds are offered. We don’t want any latex allergy to get in the middle of a fun night.

Halloween makeup Sections

Once you have decided which costume you want, or at least have gathered some ideas, it is time to start choosing the horror makeup. Just to give a heads up to help looking for it, these are the sections in which we divide the products:

As you can see, giving the vast range of accessories and makeup that we offer, the only limit for your disguise is how much do you want to let your creativity fly.
These products are not only suitable for Halloween, but also for carnival, birthday parties, fashion shows or theater makeup. This can be possible due to their top quality manufacture.

Horror Makeup advices

The type of makeup you want to purchase depends on your objectives and the use you want to make of it.
When particular requirements are needed, Professional Cream Make-Up in different colors is the best option , as it allows you to create fantastic special effects. This could be the case of a theater makeup, or even the case of a costume contest, where every detail matters.
If we are aiming for a standard costume, water makeup like Aquacolor Skin Color Light is a great option. It can be applied with a damp brush or sponge such as the Make-up sponge XL, that can be purchased in the section commented above, achieving great effects.
However, a recommended alternative to both options is the greasepaint, which can be used as a stage makeup. Between its features we find its water resistance, its availability in many shades and the fact that it mixes easily.
In addition to these basic makeup types, you will be able to find really specific ones, that can suit even your trickiest desires.

Terrifying appearance with a good Horror Makeup

Wearing your Halloween costume with a matching horror makeup will help you achieve that breathtaking look that you want, which will make you enjoy the party even more. The possibility of personalizing your outfit individually allows you to put that “special touch” in it, making your disguise yours.
Moreover, to achieve a terrifying appearance when choosing to dress up as zombies or vampires, we strongly recommend the use of Stage Blood such as FX Blood 960ml, along with the traditional makeup. Not only it will make your appearance more real, but it will also surprise and scare your friends during the party..

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