For the complexion

Special makeup foundation, Base and makeup primers for thy beauty makeup or as a basis for your Halloween makeup and Horror special makeup effects is an indispensable means for a more even matt or radiant complexion.

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For the complexion

What is a Makeup Foundation?

A makeup primer ensures easy and smooth protective layer between your face and the following makeup.The fluid is available in different shades and covers skin or the face.Your facial skin is more delicate and thus more evenly.It is, as the name suggests, refers to and used as a base of makeups.Small irregularities disappear and an ideal canvas for a long-lasting make-up is provided.

How to wear the makeup Foundation?

To let your complexion looks as natural as possible, you wear previously best your day cream on and left for these five minutes.Carrying the primer on forehead, cheekbones, nose and chin, and then distribute them from there as a cream evenly.If a natural look is desired, the application works best with a brush and blending outward to face the edge with your fingers.However, an application with the fingers brings you certainly the best feeling.Also working with a makeup sponge works well.Regardless of the method most importantly, thoroughly and evenly apply the makeup.Work your way from the center of the face outwards, and shut especially the neck transition well.The lip area you can knock out of your lipstick, eyes can also be covered with the hydrating fluid.If the Foundation additionally fixed with a powder, its durability extended again.Work therefore safest feel with the method by which thou, and when the result is best.The makeup foundation provides the perfect foundation for any make-up, especially with costumes, living on your sensational face and enhance your dramatic appearance.

Excellent makeup foundation for each panel

The good coverage makeup foundation is the foundation for any successful costume and ensures a long hold your entire makeup.The all-rounder makes pores appear finer, reduces wrinkles and protects your delicate facial skin.By Danced nights without reapplication are no problem and you will find that your makeup lasts much better and longer thanks to the makeup foundation.As a primer, it protects your skin and evens out the complexion, providing an even and smooth finish.Small blemishes such as pimples or redness you can selectively hide characterized.By the texture of makeup foundation's face at any time of the day is fresh and rested - apart of course from the white skin tone, which is mostly used for vampire or zombie disguises.Whether the skin should be slightly lighter or darker, for each panel, we have the right tone for you.This makeup foundation every makeup is an eye-catcher.

The primer with special properties

Our makeup foundation is characterized by its moisturizing properties, thereby ensuring a long-lasting make-up at any costume party.Depending on the costume, different shades of primer ready to tarnish your complexion or allow radiation.Whether you want to dress up as you vamp or Beach Girl, the primer has perfect color brilliance and opacity.The makeup primer adapts to all requirements and complained the face not by its light texture.This makeup is not stained, but even and soft.A fine Glow makes the whole thing again look more natural.No more primers that complain the face: This primer is neither dry nor masklike.It covers dark circles and refreshes the Order this makeup foundation and you have the all-rounder of the primers.An effective correction of skin imperfections and -unregelmäßigkeiten that represents your dramatic make-up in the foreground and makes for an unforgettable party.The Foundation is hypoallergenic and will of course not tested on animals.So you feel the same again much more comfortable in your costume.

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