For The Eyes

Eyeliner, eyeliner pencil, mascara and eye shadow are among the most important make-up products for beautifying or concealing the eye area.

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Eye Make-up for your Beauty & Halloween Make-Up

Bright big eyes or gloomy made-up eye areas have one thing in common - they mainly depend on the eye make-up that suits the character and the mood. Kajal pencil, eyeliner, mascara and eye shadow are all make-up utensils for the eye area and are significantly involved in how your eye make-up should look. With kohl pencil and eyeliner you give your eyes contour and expressiveness, drama and sensuality. The eyes are outlined in colour with the help of Kajal pencil and Liquid Eyeliner and thus underline the charisma of the wearer. Applied in a targeted manner, kohl pencil and eyeliner make eyes appear larger or smaller and are perfect for emphasizing particularly dramatic effects.

Difference between kohl pencil and eyeliner

An eyeliner can be drawn with both make-up tools. The biggest differences are in the handling.
The kajal pencil is available in different thicknesses and is brought to the desired thickness with a kajal sharpener. The result of the application is usually softer and more discreet than when the eyeliner is drawn with a liquid eyeliner. A kohl pencil is recommended for budding makeup artists who do not yet have much makeup experience. These are usually also cheaper, but have the disadvantage that they break off every now and then.
Liquid eyeliner has a "harder" effect as a liquid eyeliner and emphasizes the eye area much more clearly than a kohl pencil. Applied correctly, liquid eyeliner provides a striking contrast to the white in the eye. Liquid eyeliner is applied with a brush or applicator with a foam tip. Liquid eyeliner draws very precise and intricate lines, but any flubs will be noticed very quickly.

  • Do not leave a gap between the eyelashes and the eyeliner, this will make the lash line look finer and more harmonious
  • Especially in the beginning it is easier if you support yourself with your elbow while drawing the eyeliner.
  • It is best to start at the inner corner of the eye and then draw the eyeliner only as far as the middle, then in the second step from the middle to the outside.

Mascara and mascara

Mascara and m ascara give you full and precisely defined lashes, making your eyes look bigger and more expressive. Highly pigmented and partly provided with nylon fibers, the mascara and mascara provides a visual as well as often real effect of lengthening and thickening of the own eyelashes. The fine lash brush colors the lashes during application and separates the individual lash hairs, while these are simultaneously lifted and brought into shape.
Mascara & Mascara together with eye shadow and eyeliner form the perfect symbiosis for a decorative and extraordinary eye make-up.


  • Use contact lenses before applying make-up with mascara & mascara.
  • Take contact lenses out again before removing make-up
  • Brush mascara from the base to the tip of the lashes
  • Do not dip the mascara brush several times in succession, otherwise air bubbles will form inside and lead to lumps
  • Do not wipe the brush on the bottle, otherwise lumps will form which will look like "fly legs".

Eyeshadow & Eye Shadow

Eye shadow is part of every expressive eye make-up. The effect that can be created with eye shadow can provide dramatic changes to the appearance of the eye. With specifically placed eye shadow, different moods, signals and erotic stimuli can be sent out. Makeup artists of beauty and horror makeup use eyeshadow effects to make characters look good, evil or sensual.
Decorative eyeshadows can be used on the eye to color upper lids and lower lids alike. Most commonly used in the beauty makeup world is powder eyeshadow. To make powder eyeshadow, color pigments are pressed firmly together with powder. However, there are also eye shadows that contain nourishing oils and fats, these are then usually called cream eye shadows. Liquid eye shadow or liquid eye shadow has an additional cooling effect and is therefore very suitable for the summer or if someone suffers from swollen eyelids.


  • Use at least two eyeshadow brushes, one for blending and one for applying soft contouring
  • Tip, special make-up cotton swabs help with corrections
  • Smokey eyes are made up with grey and brown
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