Halloween Make Up

Halloween makeup and theatrical makeup, as well as Halloween makeup & carnival makeup belong to our huge assortment of special makeup effects for Halloween and horror fans! Buy Halloween Makeup online now!

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Professional and individual Halloween make-up

The time has come, the wait is finally over! You want to dress up for carnival, a theme party, your play or Halloween, but you still lack inspiration for the right costume or the perfect Halloween make-up? Then you've come to the right place. Take your time to look around, you will find many Halloween make-up ideas as well as tips and tricks to make up your Halloween & horror make-up yourself. Whether you are a man or a woman, it doesn't matter.

Even scarier: do your own Halloween make-up

You've decided on a costume, so far so good - now it's time to get down to business! What's the best way to implement your idea? Because of the huge selection you have, you are spoilt for choice, because every costume can appear even scarier with a scary horror make-up.

Every Halloween make-up you can do yourself is individual and unique, but they all have one thing in common - the foundation. The best thing to do is go through your Halloween makeup idea in your head and then decide, what do you need?

Cream, makeup, powder, fake blood, tooth or scar wax, setting spray, or a balding sheet, can be the base for implementing your Halloween makeup idea. A classic makeup kit can take the hassle out of finding your own color scheme. Before you do your Halloween makeup yourself, it is recommended to use a greasy cream, especially if you have sensitive skin. This will protect your skin and make it easier for you to remove your makeup. You may not have the right tools at home to apply your horror make-up yourself. The right brushes, combs and sponges are essential when it comes to putting your Halloween make-up idea into practice.

Halloween make-up ideas - it's all about the details

While you're applying your Halloween makeup, you're probably coming up with a lot of great ideas. To avoid this typical problem, it is advisable to test your Halloween make-up idea beforehand. Besides, practice makes perfect. Once you have created the basis for your Halloween make-up, it's all about the details. To become a real eye-catcher, you can use many extravagant accessories. However, you should always keep your overall image in mind. To stay as realistic as possible, a lot is not necessarily always the better choice. Doing your own Halloween make-up is still a lot of fun and brings you great compliments.

Doing Halloween make-up yourself - what is there to do?

Often we see flashy eye makeup and think it's great, unfortunately it's not suitable for everyday wear and so we don't wear it. Now the occasion is here, because everything is allowed and also desired. If you want to set your eyes perfectly in scene, then artificial eyelashes are ideal for your Halloween make-up. With them, you can achieve the perfect eyelash look with a flick of the wrist. Artificial nails can also be an absolute "must" for your Halloween make-up. If you want to dress up as a werewolf or a cat, for example, you can't do without claws. The same goes for Count Dracula, where you can't afford short fingernails, long nails are an important distinguishing feature. Whether you want to go as Arielle, Smurf, Avatar or a creepy zombie for Halloween, hair or body spray can make your Halloween make-up much easier. If you need a different hair color but don't want to wear a wig or have a sensitive scalp, it makes sense to use colored hairspray. It's a quick, easy and inexpensive way to perfect your Halloween makeup. Body spray and temporary tattoos can also help you complete your disguise and save you time and money.

The "After-Party" - Remove the Halloween Make-up properly

It's time to remove your Halloween makeup and get yourself back into an everyday state. To save your skin, it pays to use the right Halloween makeup remover. Take a look around, gather inspiration and implement your Halloween & horror make-up idea in no time.

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