Cosplay Wigs

Cosplay Wigs for Anime, Visual Kei & Manga Fans. Cosplay wigs help you quickly and cheaply complete your cosplay costume and represent your favorite Roplepaly character. Huge selection of anime wigs and manga wigs!

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Cosplay Wigs

Live roleplay in the spirit of the comic & video game era

Since the early 90's, cosplay conventions have been another lifestyle event that allows us to mask up, transform, and slip into another character. Cosplay is a word that is made up of the two original words "costume" and "play" which means to play in costume. Since childhood, we have loved to dress up and create a second self. With the cosplay trend, which came from Japan via the USA to Europe in 1990, more and more comic fans in this country also enjoy playing with disguises and role-playing.

Cosplay as a role play for comic fans

In cosplay, the players usually represent characters from comics, manga, anime and video games. But you will also find Gothic Lolitas, Visual Kei fans, villains and superheroes from action movies. Not to forget the numerous, simply self-invented characters from the fantasy world of the participants.

Disguise accessories for cosplay players

Cosplay and Visual Kei fans need everything possible to dress up and transform into their favorite character. So what could be more obvious to stock up on cosplay wigs, Toy Guns, Colored Contact Lenses as Costume Accessories to keep reinventing yourself.

Cosplay wigs as an important means of disguise

Nothing changes a character as quickly and clearly as a hairstyle. With our wigs, it's easy to change your hair color and cut without having to resort to scissors and chemicals. Partly in flashy neon colors, cosplay wigs are also an inexpensive dressing up accessory that saves the expensive trip to the hairdresser. Synthetic hair wigs like the Ladies Wig Yuki blue and the Devilina Cosplay Wig With Horns allow you to drastically change your look. The Gothic Fairy Wig Black / Pink and the Ladies Wig Joi blond are ideal for Manga & Visual Kei fans.

Cosplay Rituals & Symbols

Besides wearing cosplay wigs and cosplay costumes, it is of course important that you can really identify yourself 100% with the comic, manga or anime character you are portraying and that you can portray this character with appropriate gestures, facial expressions and poses during the photo shoot. Emoticons and animemoticons are popular in the cosplay scene to communicate but also to stand out.

Important accessories for cosplay fans

Like many cosplay players, you'll probably want to make your own costume or modify an existing one. So get yourself some materials and tools like a sewing machine, sewing needles, hot glue gun, craft materials, fabric and foam. Equipped like this, it's easy to create an anime character with the help of a cosplay wig.

Cosplay Events & Conventions

Ready with cosplay wig, colored contact lenses and Make-up & Special Effects, like maybe Full Moon Elf Ears Large equipped, you are well equipped to participate in one of the numerous cosplay events. Almost every city has smaller events like the Animuc in Munich, the AnimagiC in Bonn or you can visit the huge German Comic-Con, which takes place in different cities in Germany.
Browse our huge selection of costume accessories and make-up effects! We are sure that you will find something that will help you to present your roleplay character and make your appearance at the next roleplay convention the highlight of the event.
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