Halloween Glasses

Glasses have always been a quick and easy way to change your looks. We have all sorts of glasses in stock, from cop glasses to pilot glasses, from oldie glasses to hippie glasses!

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Halloween Glasses!

Back to the roots of fancy dress accessories!

With the increasing popularity of Halloween, every year new super creepy and impressive horror costumes come on the market. These design of these costumes is based on the best horror films of all times, on revolting zombies, bloodthirsty vampires and countless other horrible creatures. This crazy development involves new and incredible possibilities to dress up. Of course, we at horror-shop.com are very happy about this trend, because, as you can imagine, we just love the old Halloween and gore stuff!

And although we love the new horror trend, we also think it is a bit of a shame that traditional Halloween, Carnival and fancy dress costumes lately seem to have gone a bit out of fashion.

So, trying to see classic costumes up to date again, we recommend the ultimate classic fancy dress accessory: Halloween and Carnival fun glasses! Turn yourself into a doctor, a pop star, a hippie or a nutty professor with our cool Halloween fun specs. Extravagant glasses are a super accessory to pep up any slightly boring looking fancy dress costume.

Fun Glasses have alwyas been an inexpensive and quick way to change your looks. We stock caop and pilot glasses, old school glasses and hippie glasses and all other types of crazy specs. A characteristic pair of glasses adds the finishing touches to any costume. Just imagine Ozzy Osbourne, Elton John, Dame Edna or Harry Potter without their popular glasses!

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