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Halloween Masks for Horror & Halloween Fans - Huge selection of Halloween masks made of latex & vinyl. Order now fantastic full head or half masks for Halloween online. Fast shipping and Trusted Shop Guarantee!

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Buy creepy Halloween masks online

The days are getting shorter and darker, the leaves are falling from the trees and slowly the chill is creeping back into your life. When the time comes, it is only a few days until Halloween. On the night of 31 October to 01 November, people have been celebrating a mythical and spooky festival for centuries. On this night the gates of purgatory are open and the dead can return home, back to the world of the living - to your world. Here, however, Halloween isn't celebrated quite so darkly. Every year, the night of ghosts and demons is the starting point for big parties and ghost parades, where everyone dresses up in scary and beautiful costumes. So that you also find your suitable Halloween Masks, look nevertheless simply times in our Shop past.

Creepy, bloody, brutal - the classic

For sure you will associate Halloween with scary and bloodstained masks and costumes, which could easily come from any horror movie. That's why we want to introduce you to this part of our assortment first.
A large part of the Halloween masks faces that have been disfigured in some way quite badly. Those who have been dead for a long time just don't look like young 20's anymore. The skin is decayed, hanging in last shreds from the otherwise exposed bones, the eye sockets are big and empty, the bare teeth are visible. And if things go really bad, there's even a bit of brain showing. These horror masks come in many styles. With the Fulci Zombie Mask you look like fresh out of the grave, the Pesticide Zombie Mask with beard is quite self-explanatory as far as your reason for injury is concerned, and with the Zombie Jawbone wound mask you'll not only scare mum. Going as the undead is a true Halloween classic, but of course we have other creepy masks.
Many masks are also based on horror and splatter movies. So you can dress up like the character from your favorite horror movie and scare people without restraint. Just go to Jason Mask Replica Part 3and go out with a plastic machete and axe. Women can slip into the role of the Japanese serial killer Serial Killer Alice Maskand bring fear and terror to every Halloween party.

The horror in the mind

Many masks are also individually designed and have not yet been seen in the film world. The advantage of these masks is obvious: what people don't know scares them even more. Decorated with plenty of movie blood and gruesome details, these masks make people sweat with fear and shake their fingers. With such Horror Masks you can be especially creative, after all, they are not tied to any particular outfit. Of course, a horribly disfigured latex mask goes well with an equally torn and disfigured outfit. But you can also experiment. A fancy suit or a great dress combined with a Halloween mask from your darkest nightmares is definitely special and creepy.

A question of material

Many of our masks are made of latex or vinyl. These masks are sturdy and easy to put on, plus they retain their shape. So if you have a small head, you should fix the mask additionally with a band or a rubber. An alternative are so called Foam Latex Masks. These masks are made of foam latex, are breathable and fit tightly to your face, so that your facial features remain recognizable. Under these masks you don't sweat so fast and can wear them all evening long.

Halloween Masks for Gentle Minds

Not everyone likes to walk around shocking all evening and for many, Halloween is a celebration for the whole family. Admittedly, the idea of scaring your little brother to death is tempting. But if your little one can't sleep soundly for nights afterwards, you've probably overshot the mark a bit. That's why you can find Halloween masks in our shop that are hardly scary at all, but still very creative and original.

Animals, Science Fiction or Carnival

Especially suitable for the younger ones are Animal Masks. With these, the little ones will seem cute as a button and will come back with their pockets full during the familiar "trick or treat" game. If you're into space stories, visions of the future or dystopias, then you can choose from a wide range of Science Fiction Masks that will definitely cut a fine figure at the Halloween party. Or you can keep it mystical and elegant and cover your face with a Venetian Masks.

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