Gothic Skirts & Dresses

Long and short black gothic style dresses and cheeky colourful Japanese Goth dresses for ladies and girls.

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Gothic Skirts and Dresses

Beautiful dresses and dark romanticism

You love gothic clothing and want to dress like a real goth? Here at you can discover the world of gothic fashion. Stand out from the crowds and explore the darkness. Check out our gothic fashion and discover the dark side of your personality.

Wear a gorgeous gothic dress in the jungle of a big city

With your dress you need a pair of stylish shoes and a long coat or jacket. High heel platform boots make you stand out from the crowds. The long black coat gives it away that you are a goth. In your gorgeous gothic dress you attract a lot of longing looks from young gothic lords. So let them enchant you with their tight black leather tops and trousers. If you meet the goth you have been looking for, your beautiful dark makeup and gothic accessories will put him under your spell. The skeleton prints on your clothes will remind him that all lust and life are fleeting.

In our shop you will find gothic wear for all occasions

Our hot mini skirts and gorgeous dresses and gowns will make you the star of any party. If you prefer the style of the 1950s, check out our skirts and petticoats. We cater for all kinds of gothic tastes. And you are guaranteed to look extra stylish in our gothic wear.
No matter if you prefer a Victorian style bodice or or an overbust or underbust corset with buckles or lacing, our corset tops will make you look absolutely irresistible. Every one of our corsets emphasizes your physique and wil enchant whoever looks at you.
In our shop you will find everything real goths need to express the darkness of their soul.

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