Halloween Costumes

Scary Halloween Costumes! We have a huge selection of Halloween costumes for men, women and children. With our Halloween costumes for dogs even the four-legged friend gets a real Halloween disguise. Buy Halloween costumes online!

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The right disguise for scary are: Halloween costumes

Halloween - the time of scary and fright! It is one of the most exciting times of the year. On this special day, you can escape your life and slip into a different character. On this night, you transform into a different character with one of our Halloween costumes that will teach everyone to be terrified.
But every year, the same question comes up again, "What Halloween costume should I dress up in for the Halloween party?" If you don't have any ideas yet about which character or creature you'd like to portray on Halloween night, click through our colorful mix of Halloween costumes. It's guaranteed to inspire you!

Halloween Costumes for Women, Men, Kids and XL Costumes

There's something for everyone here in the Horror Shop - Halloween costumes for men often feature scary monsters: whether vampire, werewolf or even zombie, these Halloween costumes are sure to go down well at any Halloween party. Or do you prefer a costume with a heroic figure such as Batman, Superman or Knight to protect the ladies? If you're still looking for costume ideas for the next Halloween party or carnival, you've come to the right place here in the Horror Shop.
For the ladies, there are of course Halloween costumes in their costume category that are in no way inferior to those of the men. Why not dress up as the same creature as your partner and conquer the night together as a creepy vampire or zombie in a Halloween costume? But if you prefer to live by the motto "herself is the woman", then click through the many different Halloween costumes and find the perfect outfit that suits your style. From classic Halloween costumes like witches, pumpkins and skeletons to all kinds of animals, fairies and fairy tale characters, you can discover it all here. For those who like it a little more revealing, Halloween is the right occasion to finally slip into the role of a sexy nurse, princess or policewoman. Erotic Halloween costumes are popular with men and women alike.
However, it is always the children who look forward to Halloween the most. For them, it's dressing up in one of their favorite Halloween costumes as a wish-granting creature, sneaking around the streets, scaring people and getting candy for the best Halloween costumes. Of course, the matching dream Halloween costume is not to be missed. The little ones sometimes have costume ideas weeks in advance of what they would like to go as.
Even for the very youngest, it's easy to find a scary baby or toddler costume in our large selection of Halloween costumes. For the slightly older ones, it is especially important that they can costume themselves according to their role models from different movies. Halloween costumes for kids often feature all sorts of characters from movies and television, such as characters from Star Wars, Twilight, Harry Potter, or even all the Disney movies. Through this rich selection of Halloween costumes for kids, there are no limits to the creativity in choosing extraordinary Halloween costume ideas for children.
In addition, we offer an extensive collection of Halloween costumes in XL and Plus Size. There you can find everything from zombie to policeman, clown to animal costumes and many more.

Halloween costumes and other accessories

For those who want to spice up their Halloween costumes a bit more, we offer a variety of costume accessories for your costume. Certain tools or items, novelty items, fake blood, or others can easily turn a normal costume into a spooky one for Halloween. This is also helpful for you if you already own a few Halloween costumes or just want to try something new this year. This allows you to revisit and showcase old, forgotten costumes. The long forgotten nurse or doctor costume can be worn in a completely new interpretation, for example as a zombie nurse or doctor.

Make Halloween costumes yourself

Of course you can make Halloween costumes yourself for cheap! The classic homemade costume is the ghost, where you simply cut out the mouth and two eyes from a bed sheet. The Halloween costume of the scarecrow is also quickly made yourself, you just need old clothes, which you cut off short at the sleeves and at the trouser legs and fray. Now attach some straw to the sleeves and push it into the trouser leg and you've made your own Halloween costume. If time is short or you're short on Halloween costume ideas, we have a great selection of Costume Accessories and costume accessories here.

Experience Halloween in perfect costume

Halloween comes - like every year - always faster than you think and therefore it applies: Prepare for this special night already now and collect costume ideas on our website. With our Halloween costumes you'll definitely be ready for the spooky night when it's "trick or treat!" again.

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