Beauty Make-Up

Products for professional beauty make-up include such essentials as blush, lipstick, eyeliner, foundation, mascara, eye shadow and nail polish.

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Perfection through beauty make-up

For many women, besides a good cup of coffee, the day starts with the morning makeup routine. Foundation, blush, lipstick and mascara - these are just a few of the feminine make-up utensils that many women use every day to enhance their natural beauty. With our beauty make-up products you have the possibility to optimize your appearance and with the right make-up technique you can accentuate your type to bring out the best of you. But you also have the possibility to make a completely different type out of yourself. With the right make-up base, there are no limits to your creativity. Our beauty make-up offers you an extensive range, so that you can conjure up a colour-coordinated make-up for every occasion. Our assortment offers various products for a natural look as well as for an elaborate party make-up.

The variety of our beauty make-up

In order for you to be able to shine like the sun every day, we offer you the appropriate and high-quality products in our online shop. Here you will find everything for a perfect complexion, radiantly beautiful eyes, seductive lips and perfectly groomed and painted fingernails. You can also use our products Make-up & Contour Pencils to highlight and emphasize your assets. With us you will find the right make-up for an expressive appearance for every occasion. Our beauty make-up gives your skin a fresh appearance and additionally maintains a healthy skin due to its good quality. The high quality of our make-up also makes it long-lasting, so that you will enjoy it for a long time.

Create the perfect foundation with beauty make-up

Your entire make-up only comes into its own when you have created a good foundation. A healthy, fresh complexion is not always guaranteed on a stressful day. But so that you still look good, you can perfect your For The Complexion with our articles ] . In our large assortment you will find many colour shades, so that the right product can be chosen for every skin colour. If you make your skin shine in addition to a healthy diet with our foundation, base and primer from our range for beauty make-up, your eyes and lips will look even better. There's a foundation to suit many skin types in our range.
To give your face even more freshness, you can also use our products For The Cheeks. With a darker blush tone, for example, you can make your face look slimmer. The large selection of colours offers you the right colour for every appearance. Our shades range from a warm reddish brown to a cooler pink.

Bright eyes with beauty make-up

With the help of our Make-up & Contour Pencils you can change the shape of your face or emphasize your assets such as cheekbones. The light contour pencils visually open up your eye, making it appear larger. Using a dark eye pencil will frame your eyes and make them pop. If you want to stand out with a funky eye make-up, we also offer (neon) coloured eyeliner pencils, mascara and For The Eyes in our beauty make-up range.

Lips and nails as colorful eye-catchers of the beauty make-up

Apart from your eyes, you can also bring your lips or fingernails to the colorful forefront. In addition to a variety of For The Lips in various shades, we also offer you lipsticks and lip glosses in our online shop with which you can achieve appealing accentuations. You will not only find classic red and rose tones, but also articles in cobalt green or reflex blue. You will also find an equally large selection in the category Halloween Make Up. So that you can change and remove your nail polish color frequently, you will also find nail polish remover. Our nail polish removers are acetone-free and also suitable for sensitive and brittle nails. Their special feature is their smell, because they include the scents mango, orange and peppermint.

Our beauty make-up categories:

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