Zombie masks & Zombie makeup are just like zombie costumes and zombie contact lenses the most popular articles for Halloween & Zombie Walk. With our huge selection of zombie accessories you'll as horror fan found to be living dead!

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Zombies, the absolute nightmare for many Survivor

Of the dead resurrected creatures are called in the horror film mostly as zombies. The undead, frequently referred to as a revenant, take their name from the Creole word "Zonbi" that is today so even used in Haiti. There is the word for a dead spirit who returns as undead back into the world of the living to avenge there. Through the American occupation of Haiti came the term "zombie" then slowly in the USA and there became a bogeyman for people who were afraid buried alive to be,.

Zombies in the hands of Hollywood

As early as 1932 in the US was the first zombie movie, then rotated still in black and white shown. But the real breakthrough of zombies to star in horror film succeeded only with George Romero's "Zombie - Dawn of the Dead", which showed the undead as carnivorous human hunters. The Horror Genre loves zombie and so it is not surprising that there was a real zombie wave in cinema. Titles like "Zombie Holocaust", "voodoo horror Porno Holocaust", "City of the Living Dead" and Dario Argento's "Demons" attended in the 80s that plenty of brain or intestines was eaten by zombie on the big screen.
Since then holds the fascination of zombies and appeared regularly since then implemented new zombie movies, awards for the undead each new skill or quirks. Movies like "28 Days Later" or "country often he Dead" "The Evil Dead" and "Dead Snow" all have each their own character. Even comedies do not want to give up the zombies and so there are a whole series of horror comedies, the ball know how to provide splatter and bloody special makeup effects with humor. Saturated with literweise Stage Blood and to put on bowels disgust, the possibility of the attack on the funny bone is not skipped. Classic among zombie comedies are "Damn come the Zombies'" Braindead "," Shaun of the Dead, "" Zombieland "and. A real exception is still the music video of Michael Jackson's "Thriller", which provided 1983 worldwide excitement and be broadcast only in late program in part because of occurring there could Zombies. Zombie films for children remained with "ParaNorman" is the exception rather.

Zombies for Halloween & Zombie Walk

Since the huge success of the TV series "The Walking Dead" Zombies are as a costume character and Aftermarket Halloween Costumes and the Zombie Walk indispensable. The variety of Viking & Warrior . Storybook . Steampunk and Science Fiction has an entire industry can be created, which is concerned only with the undead. Who would not have dressed more times as a zombie, scaring his fellow citizens? Here you'll find a huge selection to be disguised as a zombie, from Zombie fake blood 470ml , Zombie latex wounds on various Toy Weapons which can be used in the fight against zombies or as a weapon for zombies.

Zombie Apocalypse as Party Theme

Celebrate Halloween yet again with the motto Zombie Apocalypse and organize with you home a little Zombie Walk. A plethora of Halloween can be virtually "zombiefizieren" and decorate for a doomsday scenario. Green and red food coloring leave your food and old look moldy or bloody. The Pudding Shape Brain lets you sweets in Zombiestyle prepare, during the fierce, strong Zombie Cocktail exuberant mood in the "bunker" ensures. Your party location can be combined with various Halloween Scene Setters decorate, while no longer hand clothes and clothes with a wire brush, coffee and scissors are trimmed in old. Now a Storybook placed or Science Fiction mounted, the booth with Halloween Body Parts decorated and you have your own zombie invasion in the house.

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