Zombie masks & zombie makeup are among the most popular items for Halloween & Zombie Walk, just like zombie costumes and zombie contact lenses. With our huge selection of zombie accessories, horror fans are sure to become the living dead!

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Zombies, the absolute nightmare of many living people

In horror movies, creatures that have risen from the dead are usually referred to as zombies. The undead, often called revenants, have their name from the Creole word "Zonbi", which is still used in Haiti. There the word stands for a dead spirit that returns as undead to the world of the living to take revenge. Due to the American occupation of Haiti, the term "zombie" slowly made its way to the USA, where it became a bugbear for people who were afraid of being buried alive.

Zombies in the hands of Hollywood

As early as 1932, the first zombie film was shown in the USA, at that time still shot in black and white. However, the real breakthrough of zombies as main characters in horror films came with George Romero's "Zombie - Dawn of the Dead", which showed the undead as flesh-eating human hunters. The horror movie genre loves zombie and so it's not surprising that there was a real zombie wave in cinema. Titles like "Zombies Among Cannibals", "Woodoo Fright Island of the Zombies", "A Zombie Hung on a Bell Rope" and Dario Argento's "Demons" ensured that there was plenty of zombie brain matter and guts being eaten on the big screen in the 80s.
Since then, the fascination with zombies has endured and new zombie movies have been released regularly, each granting the undead new abilities or mannerisms. Movies like "28 Days Later" or "Land oft he Dead" "Dance of the Devils" and "Dead Snow" each have their own character. Even comedies don't want to miss out on the zombies, and so there are quite a few horror comedies that cleverly manage to inject splatter and gory special makeup effects with humor. Instead of just using gallons of Film Blood and guts to disgust, the attack on the laughing muscles is not left out. Classics among zombie comedies are "Braindead", "Shaun of the Dead", "Zombieland" and "Damn the Zombies are Coming". A real exception to this day is the music video for Michael Jackson's "Thriller", which caused a worldwide stir in 1983 and was only allowed to be shown on late-night TV in part because of the zombies that appeared in it. Zombie movies for children remained rather the exception with "ParaNorman".

Zombies for Halloween & Zombie Walk

Since the huge success of the TV series "The Walking Dead", zombies have become indispensable as costume characters and disguises for Halloween Costumes and the Zombie Walk. The multitude of Vikings & Barbarians, Fairy Tales & Legends, Steampunk and Science Fiction has created an entire industry dedicated solely to the undead. Who has not always wanted to scare his fellow citizens dressed as a zombie? With us you will find a huge selection to be dressed as a zombie, starting from Zombie fake blood 470ml, Zombie Latex Wounds over various Toy Guns which you can use in the fight against zombies or as a weapon for zombies.

Zombie apocalypse as a party theme

Celebrate Halloween with a zombie apocalypse theme and organize a small zombie walk at your home. A huge amount of Halloween can be practically "zombiefied" and decorated for a doomsday atmosphere. Greens and reds Food coloring make your food look old and moldy or bloody. The Pudding Shape Brain lets you prepare zombie-style desserts, while the fiercely potent zombie cocktail keeps the "bunker" vibe going. Your party location can be decorated with various Halloween Decoration Foils while unused clothes and garments can be trimmed to old with wire brush, coffee and scissors. Now add a Fairy Tales & Legends or put on a Science Fiction , decorate the place with Halloween Body Parts and you've got your own zombie invasion in the house.

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