Latex Wounds

Halloween latex prosthetics & special FX makeup. Shop now for realistic looking latex wounds & prosthetics and create a stunning or gory Halloween makeup. Check out our huge selection of Zombie wounds and learn how to create gory & brutal Zombie makeup

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Realistic Latex Wounds

Become a latex wounds Special Make Up effect for artist

You want to be present at every Halloween, carnival or carnival party thanks to your extraordinary and absolutely realistic looking costume at the center? Hollywood and the film industry swear by latex wounds, when it comes to represent blatant splatter effects or realistic accidents. With latex wounds can be in the dream factory and in the theater the most diverse makeup effects to life. Through its simple attachment to your body or on your face, you can make conjure wounds wherever you'd like and the shock effect of your friends will be huge! Because there are many different models of Halloween wounds, Your imagination knows no limits and you can you customize your costume and thus become your own professional makeup artists. What do you think of it, you times to disguise himself as a rotten zombie and your fellow man with a Rotted zombie latex application instill a proper fear?

What should I do if I have a latex allergy?

Under a latex allergy suffer nowadays very many people, but this is not a big problem, since we offer our range includes a wide range of latex free wounds, which are made of gelatin and may be in some cases even completely attached without skin adhesive. Since they have no big difference to conventional wounds, you can use as an alternative they definitely. For example, you can put yourself in your zombie costume for Zombie wounds in the form of 3D Tattoo Decaying Zombie decide that you can look as you would rot. Or your choice falls on the 3-D gelatin gel Blutrot 14ml or Bio SFX Pock Marks Which help you to be able to represent your zombie wounds even bloodier and more realistic. Thus, you do not have to leave you this indispensable fun as allergies missed!

Attach Latex Wounds

to install the artificial wounds is a breeze for you. Once you decided, as what you want to dress you, can you search for wounds in our Online Shop the matching Halloween. This you bring then using the Mastic Skin Adhesive 59 Ml at the desired location of your body or face and with kaschierst Liquid latex skin color / Flesh 30ml or Kryolan Special Plastic the transitions to your skin. Authentic the whole is finally with Blood Gel 60ml So that can not be distinguished at first sight, if it is indeed a real or just a Halloween wound.

Why are so many people excited about latex wounds?

Many people are enthusiastic about wounds from latex, particularly in the form of Halloween wounds, because they are realistic look and very easy to install. Unlike the self-painted wounds you have a lot less effort, as you choose, order and stick to the designated place only the desired Halloween wound must. One does not have to deal with numerous make-up utensils you, which you would need without latex application to allow the wound look real. Thanks to the latex are the wounds in 3D optics; research is currently additionally with fake blood, an outside person will not know right away if you just had an accident or if your wound is spurious. You can using latex wounds much easier to implement, and even a simple, simple costume by decorating your costume idea with Latex Appliances turn into a real shocker.

combine latex wounds optimally

Even if on Halloween everything is horrible and creepy looking Allowed - exaggerate You should not it still too much!
You should already ensure that your applications, and wounds Costumes match, so you do not mixing up several characters together, because that does your panel may no longer realistic from. So if you are on the next Halloween party with your zombie wounds stir worry want, you should make sure that your applications are actually consistent. Even on Halloween is less sometimes more and you can with for example a large See No Evil Wound ensure greater terror than with several small, randomly distributed zombie wounds all over the body.

Application examples of latex wounds

With latex applications and latex wounds your imagination are no limits, and there are a variety of models. First you have to decide character for a Make Up. No matter whether it is in the Latex Applications Latex Ears , Devil ears or the famous Zip wound These, latex wounds and latex applications exist for almost every area of ​​disguising. LARP, Science Ficton characters or mythical creatures - hardly a character who with Latex Appliances could not achieve a great makeup effect. The latex appliances are available in a wide variety and include, among others: Latex Horns , Various cuts, artificial scars, festering boils, glass and shrapnel wounds for the realistic representation of the accident. For the Witches Make Up Latex warts vampire ears, bald film and elf ears available. With our Halloween Latex Applications you can be the artist himself.

Latex wounds for realistic accident representation RUD

Quite apart from the entertainment industry, there are professional groups that use latex wounds as means to an end! Professional trainers of fire services, civil protection and aiders learn based on latex applications with disasters and accidents deal. Thus, the horror scenarios in the fire drill or maneuvers look dramatically genuine, are latex wounds for the realistic representation of the accident, briefly called RUD, used. With much effort the future helpers, rescuers and soldiers are with latex applications, prepared for their later use traumatic situation.

Latex wounds and latex applications must therefore in any Make Up Artists are missing!
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