High Heels, Pumps & Platform Boots

Here you will find high heels, chic pumps and high platform boots. Extravagant shoe fashion for the fashion freak and as costume accessories for Halloween and carnival.

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High Heels, Pumps and Platform Boots

Individual shoes for freaky people

Extravagant high heels, pumps and platform boots have long been among the most important fashion accessories for shrill stage outfits, cool music videos and unusual fashion trends such as gothic, punk and rockabilly style. Carnival costumes and frivolous theme parties are only made perfect by extravagant shoe fashion and thus get the important wow factor. Here you will find high heels, pumps and platform boots in different styles and for different outfits. Costume shoes can be worn with a nurse costume as well as with a costume of a sexy vampire bride or a seductive witch. High heels, pumps and platform boots are available in many different styles and the selection ranges from chic pumps by Iron Fist to sexy patent boots, from extremely high platform boots to chunky punk boots by New Rocks. The right footwear completes your erotic outfit and brings some costumes to full advantage.

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