Coloured Contact Lenses

Coloured Contact Lenses are highly effective when it comes to add the finishing touches to your horror makeup!

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Colored Contact Lenses

Hollywood Effects, Right on Your Eyes by using Theatrical Contact Lenses

If you have been to a movie theatre recently, you’ll probably know what a huge success zombies and vampires have been in recent films, as well as in recent television series and specials. The success of these films must be attributed to the absolutely astonishing special effects makeup employed by Hollywood makeup artists. You know that feeling you get when the camera zooms into the young, sexy vampire’s eyes? You are slightly scared, but also very aroused… This is because of the unique eye color and Theatrical Contact Lenses that are used.
This awesome, high-quality Hollywood special effect can be yours, right on your very own eyes, with the right set of Special Effects Contact Lenses. Theatrical Contact Lenses or Colored Contact Lenses are simply non-prescription contact lenses that are not transparent, but highly colored with all sorts of cool colors, unique patterns and freakishly beautiful ornamentation. At, we have the right Colored Contact Lenses to turn you into any character you can imagine.
Is it not time for Halloween yet? Then some of our Special Effects Contact Lenses have the colors of different world countries and are great for supporting your favorite team at any time during the year. Who’s your favorite? Germany Contact Lenses, Spain Contact Lenses or the 3-Tone Cosplay Contact Lenses Blue? Do you just want some crazy Theatrical Contact Lenses to wear day to day? Why not, impress your friends and freak out your teachers with any Colored Contact Lenses, like these Ghost Contact Lenses or Blood Shot Contact Lenses.

Theatrical Contact Lenses are essential for creating the right character

At, we know how much fun Halloween is. You get together with your friends, overdose on candy, have a sexy party, spend the day with your family and just generally get excited by the fear aroused by the very spooky day! It’s a fun day and all about the costumes. Who’s your favorite Halloween Character? No matter who you are dressing up as, adorn your look with some simple Special Effects Contact Lenses to turn heads and stand out from the crowd. Colored Contact Lenses, like these Walker Zombie Contact Lenses, will turn you into a zombie in the blink of a very colorful eye. Also, Theatrical Contact Lenses are essential for creating the right character, down to the very last detail; for example, these Red spiral contact lenses give the full effect that you were actually sewn together by a mad scientist!
However, don’t feel limited to trying to recreate a well-known character. With the really cool and unique lenses which we offer, you can add a level of transcendence to any costume and blow people out of the water! Want to be seen in the dark? Lock eyes from across the room? We have plenty of different UV Colored Contact Lenses you can choose from, like these UV White Contact Lenses or Blue Contact Lenses UV. When seen under a black light, these Special Effects Contact Lenses make your eyes glow exactly like a black light poster come to life.
Whether it is Halloween, your favorite sporting event or just a day when you want to be a little edgy, Colored Contact Lenses and Sclera Contact Lenses accentuate any outfit, show your support for your favorite team, make your costume come to life or allow you to be spotted across the black light filled room. Special Effects Contact Lenses allow you to personalize your costume, character or even personality and have the power to make you almost unrecognizable. Check out’s astounding selection of Theatrical Contact Lenses and transform yourself into your favorite character, a surprisingly hellish demon, or just invent a new character of your very own.

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