Colored Contact Lenses

Colored contact lenses & horror printed effect contact lenses as costume accessories and make-up accessories. Order now Halloween contact lenses for special make-up effects and colored contact lenses for impressive moments!

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Motif printed colored contact lenses as an extra to any costume.

Whether red or completely black, with a reptile pattern or dyed in the colors of the German flag - colored contact lenses are definitely an eye-catcher! If you go out on the street on Halloween, you will more and more often meet very similar costumes. Especially popular among young and old seem to be the costumes vampire, witch and zombie, which, however, seem to differ less and less. But this can be remedied with the help of colorful or motif contact lenses! A good costume is not only characterized by suitable clothing and/or utensils, but by the authentic overall impression. And what could be more believable than a zombie with bloodshot eyes?
A huge selection of colored contact lenses awaits you in our online shop. Whether you want to dress up as a witch with creepy glittery Yellow Raven Eye Contact Lenses, a demon with White Demon Contact Lenses, or a werewolf with the familiar Green Contact Lenses Werewolf, when you browse through the colorful motif lenses, you're sure to find the perfect something to make your costume even more authentic. For those who have fallen under the vampire spell of Stephenie Meyer's novels, we suggest giving Twilight contact lenses a try. As a special extra, there are also specially made Contact Lenses Twilight Volturi, which shine just as blood-red as described in the books.

Coloured contact lenses only for Halloween? But no!

The large number of motif contact lenses, among other things, ensures special fun even outside the Halloween season. Especially during the carnival season it is important to choose a great costume. For Spiderman fans, there are special spider web and cobweb contact lenses that add the final touch to the disguise.
You can also spice up unusual costumes with motif contact lenses. The possibilities seem endless: From dragon eye contact lenses to rainbow-colored, colorful contact lenses or motif contact lenses printed with a skull to lenses that look like blue cat eyes or are even mirrored, everything is possible.
And how would it be to be able to amaze also in the everyday life friends, work colleagues and family, as for example with radiating blue eyes or the Contact Lenses Black Witch Motif you are appreciated more than only one look.

Sports fans watch out!

In football, handball, volleyball or even in tennis, ski jumping, hurdling, marathon or martial arts - international competitions and contests take place everywhere. Just think of the World Cup and the European Championships in football or the Olympic Summer and Winter Games. Supporting your team or your athletes and cheering along with them is always a unique experience. For years, there has been a tradition of bringing flags and banners to the stadium or sports hall. Fans also buy T-shirts of their team or athlete or creatively design them themselves. And of course there's always the option of reaching into the paint pot and painting the colours of the national flag on your cheek and forehead, for example.
As a special extra, there are motif contact lenses in our online shop that were made exactly for such occasions: Printed with the flags of the respective country, the colored contact lenses are very comfortable to wear and give the entire fan outfit the finishing touch.

Wearing comfort of the motif lenses

The coloured contact lenses are exciting, eye-catching and unmissable - and also very comfortable to wear! All colored contact lenses as well as the motif contact lenses are suitable for light and dark eyes and provide very good coverage. However, be careful when driving! Some coloured contact lenses like the Shocking White Contact Lenses are not allowed for road traffic, because they are completely opaque and are only made for use on the film set and therater stage.
Between three and twelve months you can wear the colored contact lenses, it all depends on which ones you buy and how they are cared for. Conveniently, you can also buy contact lens liquids in our online shop.

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