Halloween Capes

Halloween capes are a fantastic costume accessory for Halloween, carnival, cosplay and live role play. Our capes & capes in different lengths and colors as costume accessories are mostly unisex and therefore suitable for him & her

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Halloween capes

Halloween cape as costume accessory

Halloween is coming soon and you are looking for the right Halloween costume? Then you've come to the right place, because here you'll find a great selection and can choose your perfect Halloween costume. For example, how about a Halloween cape as a mysterious cape. This does not only mean the classic vampire cape, because our Halloween cape section offers a wide range for men, women and children. High quality fabrics are important to us in a Halloween cape, just like the careful processing. Most of our Halloween capes are made of polyester, but Horror-Shop.com also offers Halloween capes made of cotton.

Why a Halloween cape?

The vampire cape has the great advantage of variability. Who says that a black Halloween cape always has to be used for a vampire costume? Are you invited to different parties and do not always want to show up in the same costume? At the same time you want to invest the money so that you can still use your disguise next year? With a classic Halloween cape this is possible. So you can use a black Halloween cape with hood not only for your vampire costume, but also for your disguise as undead, magician or even your witch costume. With a little make-up, different wigs and other accessories you can create several different costumes from one Halloween cape in no time. You can find thePintuck Cape Black and the Vampire Reversal Cloak.
Since Halloween capes are usually available in one size, they fit almost everyone. If you don't use the vampire cape for the next scary party, you can lend it out, for example. The one size fits all is especially beneficial when you are picking out Halloween costumes for your kids, who always grow out of their clothes way too fast. The Halloween cape as Dracula Cape will fit them for a few years and thanks to its versatility it can still be used for a lot of different costumes. However, to help you gauge whether a particular Halloween cape will fit your size specifically, we always like to give width and overall length as a guide. For children
, theVampire children´s cloak black or Superman Child Costume and the Batman & Superman Reversible Cloak
are especially
popular. Our range also includes more unusual Halloween capes for girls, such as the Pink Hooded Cape for Kids.
You think Halloween capes are boring black and usually something for scary people and you don't feel like that this year? That's not quite right, because with us you can buy Halloween capes in many different colors, from black and red to blue, purple and transparent colors to pink carnival capes. With hood or collar, fringed or winged, Halloween capes are always a hit. There is something for every taste. Because in our assortment at Horror-Shop.com you can also find a Halloween cape for a majestic
Red Royal Cape, a Renaissance Cloak With Artificial Fur Black or aGentlemen cloak. Many capes are suitable for different characters from the fairy tale and fable world.

A Halloween cape needs reinforcement

Of course, a vampire cape does not make the costume complete. That's why we point out the matching accessories for each of our products, with which you can make your costume look unique and authentic. Because what is a vampire with a cape but withoutVampire Canines / Scarecrow Fangs or the right The Walking Dead Make Up Set] ? An extravagant Halloween cape, together with essential accessories as eye-catchers, can ensure a successful and stylish appearance. You can never start planning this one early enough. So start browsing and order your next Halloween costume directly and conveniently online with us.
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