Roman costume

Oemer Costume & Gladiator Costume are a classic for costume parties & theme parties. In the Roman costume you become Caesar, Augustus, Nero and in the Spartacus costume the hero of the ancient world. Roman costumes for men & women in mega selection. Every

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Roman Costume & Gladiator Costume

There are plenty of occasions to dress up in a Roman costume as a ruler of Rome and gladiator. It does not only have to be carnival and Halloween. Various theme parties at summer festivals, cruises and birthday parties just invite you to dress up as a hero of the ancient world in a Roman costume or Spartacus costume.
Dressed up in a Roman Costume & Gladiator Costume you become a brave Spartan and legendary hero. The Roman history makes it possible to equip a whole theme party with costumes without any problems.

Roman costume & gladiator costume for men

In a Roman costume dressed as a citizen of Rome you embody courage, bravery and cunning in equal measure. Dress up as Cesar in this Roman costume and become the ruler of the Roman Empire. The white tunic with sash and the classic laurel wreath make the Cesar costume a classic among carnival costumes.
If you are more on the side of the soldiers and fighters, a Spartacus costume and gladiator costume is just right for you. These well-trained fighters were heroes of the arena and theatres of war. Muscle-packed, equipped with helmet, sword and shield, you will become an idolized hero in the Roman costume, especially with the female spectators. The Gladiator Costume & Spartacus Costume is the ideal costume for daredevils.
The large selection of Roman helmets, Roman sandals and leather cuffs for arms and legs are, in addition to sword, morning star and Roman shield, a selection of costume accessories for your gladiator costume.

Roman costume for women

The classic Roman woman was an elegantly dressed lady in a long, white tunic. Dressed as Aphrodite or a Greek goddess, you'll beautifully and mysteriously conquer the hearts of powerful rulers and warlords. Rich costume jewellery like bracelets, earrings and headdresses make your Roman costume for women complete. You can also side with the Roman fighters and soldiers and fight side by side in a gladiator costume for women or dressed as a Spartan in a Spartacus costume. The Roman costume is perfect as a couples costume due to its diversity. Dress up with your partner in a Roman & Gladiator costume and experience history.

Gladiator costume accessories for your Roman appearance

The important costume accessories for your Roman & Spartacus costume include accessories like Roman sandals that wrap around the calves with laces, as well as a laurel wreath and ruler's staff. Not to be forgotten for your gladiator costume are a club, Roman shield and loincloth. Roman hairstyles can be recreated with the Cleopatra wig as well as the Greek goddess wig. The make-up of the Romans consists rather of muted colors, but captivates both men and women by the frequent use of black kohl. You see a Roman costume, gladiator costume or Spartacus costume is not so different from each other and can be used again and again for the other character.

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