20's Party

The 20's were the time of Charleston costumes, sinful burlesque dancers and the mafia. Buy your 20s costume now.

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20's party

At a 20s party sinful cabaret girls, Charleston and Mafiosi pay tribute to each other

The golden twenties were a time of economic upswing in Germany. A radical fashion wave rolled over the country and the hairstyles were cut off - the Bubikopf became modern. From then on the pot hat served as headgear and thick pearl necklaces decorated the wardrobe. With men's fashion, on the other hand, it was the knickerbockers and sliding caps that caused the excitement.

The heyday of the Mafia

The so-called prohibition brought organized crime into play. The criminal gangs around Al Capone earned their living by banning alcohol. So-called whispering pubs and Speakeasy clubs spread throughout the country at lightning speed. Spelunken and cabarets courted customers with slightly apron burlesque dancers, alcohol and sometimes opium.

costume accessories for your 20s party

Celebrate an opulent 20s party for once! With our Charleston costumes, Mafia hats and the typical machine gun you can quickly conjure up an atmosphere of secret casinos and slippery cabarets. Dive into the time of Al Capone and Josephine Baker with our costumes and put a Charleston with cigarette holder and pot hat on the floor at your 20s party!

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