Hippie & Flower Power

Looking for a hippie costume & flower power costume accessories? We have a huge selection of 60s costumes & Woodstock accessories for you. Dress up as a hippie now and become Janis Joplin & Jimmy Hendrix.

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Hippie costume for women, men & kids

If you're looking for a hippie costume, then you've come to the right place. Here you'll find a wide range of flower power costumes, Woodstock costumes & the matching costume accessories for flower children. Make love, not war was the motto of the 60s, so a hippie costume is always friendly, in bright colours and with lots of flowers. The original hippies of the 60ies decorated themselves with flowers as a sign of peace and love. Men often wore long hair and jewellery as well as women. We definitely have the right hippie costume for women, men and your children.

Woodstock fashion as a theme party costume

The Woodstock open-air music festival, under the motto "3 Days of Peace & Music" in 1969 was the peak of the hippie movement. In keeping with this attitude to life, hippie clothing there was airy, light and colourful. Colorful floral patterns, soft flowing tunics and fringed tops are staples of hippie fashion. Also hippie dresses with batik and ethnic patterns, colorful patchwork fashion and leather boots belong to a real hippie look. Find YOUR hippie costume and revive the Woodstock Festival at carnival, fancy dress and theme parties!

Costume accessories for your hippie costume

Hippies, the flower children with their colorful dresses & pants would be nothing without the right accessories. Sunglasses in heart shape or with daisies, a necklace & earrings with peace signs as well as the matching handbag with a sunflower are a must for a hippie costume. Colorful flower headbands are also a classic accessory for your hippie costume. With signature hairstyles like the afro and dreadlocks, which you can quickly achieve with fancy dress wigs, these do wonderfully.

The 60s as a cult disguise

The sexual revolution, environmentalism and anti-racism were THE themes of the 60s & still are today. A hippie costume is always the right choice if you want to represent these themes in public. Bands like the Beatles, Grateful Dead, Rolling Stones, The Who & Santana were the cult bands of the 60s and are brilliant role models for your hippie costume. So off you go to the carnival with Jesus slippers, colorful hair, bell-bottoms & batik dresses - you loving flower children!

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