Stag Do & Hen Party

Before it gets really serious about the wedding night should be again celebrated in style with a bachelor farewell party. Celebrate with your friends a bachelor or bachelorette party.

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Bachelor and Bachelorette Party

The Bachelor / inside farewell the serious side of life begins - so celebrate like there's no tomorrow!

Just before it gets really serious about the wedding, should again be celebrated in style with a Bachelor and Bachelorette Party say goodbye to the single life. The stag and hen finds in this country more and more followers and it is before the wedding celebrated again like crazy. A Bachelor and Bachelorette Party is distinguished mainly by sexual topics and innuendo, funny bachelor party accessories and drinking games.

Other expressions for the Bachelor and Bachelorette Party and comparatively similar parties for stag are stag, hen or Stagette Party. Here you will find everything that is necessary for this funny hard and making the introduction life easier as newlyweds. Naughty, sometimes very frivolous costumes like the Spitting Llama Apron , the Tiki Shot Glass with chain , the Toy Handcuffs . Wrong sexy breasts and much more can be found here at the Horror

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