Theme Party

Theme Party

Everything for the theme party! Order everything for your theme party in every season. Theme events such as Bachelor party, Bachelor parties, Hollywood and Hawaii parties are becoming more and more popular.

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Everything for the theme party can be found in the horror shop

What's nicer than a big party with all your friends and relatives? In an atmospheric atmosphere, there is the right music, various party games and stimulating discussions in a big round. Such parties are especially fun if you follow a certain motto. Then the guests appear in the appropriate outfit and the premises are also furnished accordingly. If you're planning a fancy party, you'll find everything you need for it in the large selection on Because there is everything here: costumes, accessories, decorative items and glasses. That's how the big celebration can start right away.

Parties for every season - the right look is important

Summer time is party time. If you do not go on holiday during the warm weeks of the year, but stay at home, you are looking forward to an invitation to a Hawaiian party or a summer party. Airy clothes are the nuts and bolts here. Stylishly, the outfit for the lady with a real Hawaiian hula rock. By Velcro and elastic band you adapt this leg dress to your body measurements. The models are made of high quality polyester, which ensures a high level of comfort. Men grab a distinctive Hawaiian shirt. The short-sleeved shirts are usually plain and decorated with white floral motifs. With the white buttons you can easily open and close the shirt. It is best to wear the top loosely over the pants for a summery look. What may also be missing at a summer party or a Hawaiian party, are colorful flower chains. These accessories wrap the guests of the celebration around the neck. Other models are suitable as jewelry for the wrist. Real eyecatchers under the deco for the celebration are inflatable palm trees or big cacti made of vinyl. These specimens not only act as a stand, but can also be used as a floating island at a pool party. Colorful lanterns, which illuminate the outdoor summer party later in the evening, create an atmospheric ambience.

In late summer, another major event is on the plan: the Oktoberfest. If you do not want to travel to Munich, you can organize your own party. Men appear in authentic style in costumes with leather pants and plaid shirt. Ladies throw themselves in a nice Dirndl and come therefore like a real Bavarian Madl. As decoration, fir wreaths or garlands are the right choice. Predominant colors in tablecloth, napkins and Co. should be blue and white - the national colors of Bavaria. Very popular are chic pretzel hangers or original Oktoberfest traditional bags with the "Schatzler" print. Since real beer at the Oktoberfest may not be missing, you now only need Bavarian beer steins.

Even in the colder months of the year, there is cause for celebration. How about a cozy get-together during the Christmas season? For example, gentlemen can grab a Santa Claus costume here. Ladies like to dress up as little angels in white dress with golden wings. Or you opt for the Christmas elf costume in green and red. As a decoration, you use luminous figures, such as small polar bears, waving Santa Claus or mini gift boxes. Real eye-catchers are snowflakes thrown on the wall by an LED projector. With tinsel garlands you spend the rooms for Christmas.

Timeless theme parties - this is how you prepare for the celebration

You can organize many theme parties regardless of the season, because some themes never go out of fashion. Invite all your friends to an iconic 80s party. Everything was extravagant in that decade. In many outfits bright neon colors dominated. And for the hairstyle trend was: short front, long behind - Vokuhila. The matching wigs can be found at Ladies can also choose the hip aerobics outfits. Fingerless fishnet gloves and fashionable cuffs set further accents.

Men dress - if they want it quite authentically - in an 80s jogging suit. This fits a striking neon headband. Other outfits rely on caps with sparkling sequins or mirrored sunglasses. Leather bracelets in various colors are also available. It is also colorful on a disco or Schlager party. Popular garment of the costume: the flares. This fits a shrill ruffled shirt. Already it can go around on the dance floor. Real disco shirts are usually completely made of silver or gold. This fits the eye-catching wig in Afrostil.

Align the festive with a creepy motto

Not just for Halloween - all year round you can host a gruesome horror party. For example, vampire and gothic events are very popular. Here black capes and dark dresses in lace look boom. As decoration elements you choose replica skulls or coffins, which are placed in the party room. Zombie parties are also popular. Here your guests appear as bloodthirsty undead. Shredded clothes and gruesome masks with gaping wounds complete your outfit. Your disguise looks especially real with latex wounds and fake blood.

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