70s costume

The 70s were the time of disco pop and glam & glitter rock. Browse our mega selection of 70s costumes and dress up as a 70ies pop & rock star! 70s costume & accessories for carnival & theme parties.

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Mottoparty in 70s costume

The fashion of the 1970s was as colourful as ABBA's performances. In no decade was the music more diverse and the fashion more eye-catching. Flashy colors and colorful patterns were in vogue, bell-bottoms and platform shoes were all the rage. Ladies wore hot pants and long eyelashes, men wore wide ties, sideburns and moustaches. Some ladies and gentlemen looked like a disco ball. The music couldn't have been more opposite. ABBA, Boney M., the Bee Gees, Queen & John Lennon were as popular as AC/DC, David Bowie and Cindy & Bert. So nothing could be more exciting than organizing a 70s theme party. Nothing could be more diverse than a 70s costume.

70s costume for women

Colorful & fancy is what the 70s costume for the ladies should be. Metallic, glittery with retro patterns - you may look like a disco ball. From sexy mini costume dresses in wallpaper look to metallic bell-bottoms, everything is allowed. A flashy 70s costume just has to stand out. Bring out the dancing queen in you at the 70s themed party!

70s costume for men

Whether you dress up as David Bowie with a red mullet punk wig and fancy make-up or as Bobby Farrell - we have the right 70s costume for you. In any case, flared trousers are also a must for men at carnival and especially at the 70s theme party. Plateau shoes as costume accessories are also a must-have, these were worn by men in the 70s. Become a disco man in a 70s costume and enchant Frida and Agnetha.

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