Halloween Hats

Halloween hats & funny carnival hats are an essential costume accessory. What would a witch be without a witch hat or a western hero without his cowboy hat. We carry matching Halloween & Carnival hats as headwear and costume accessories!

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Halloween hats - headdress for all occasions

A look at the heads of the people around you will probably confirm this: Usually hats and other headgear are used rather rarely. The situation is quite different for many classic professions during the carnival season. From the magician to the elegant gentleman and the battle-ready knight to the graceful damsel of the castle, many disguises hardly reach their full glory without a fancy carnival hat. Halloween hats basically have two applications: Either they complement a Carnival Costumes and literally put the crown on him, or they represent the actual highlight of the styling and need no further addition. In both cases, comfort and wearability should go hand in hand with the unique look of the carnival hat.

The whole spectrum of Halloween hats

First, a look at the matching Halloween hats for the brilliant overall look. To find the right carnival hat for you, you can proceed differently. Either you start with the hats and let yourself be inspired by the selection there to your overall disguise or you choose the opposite way and look for the stylish hat, after pants and shirt or the full body suit are determined. You can find suitable combinations for many looks. Starting with the Medieval Knight Helmet in connection with the Medieval knight costume up to the Doctor hat black as a supplement to the Sexy Schoolgirl Uniform M the spectrum reaches. Some classics like the traditional top hat or bowler in different colors can be elegantly combined with different costumes. The colour and the material of the Halloween hats have to match the rest of the costume. Of course, the Spartan helmet made of plastic is not made of fabric, while the Animal cap frog can certainly score with the particularly soft material.

Halloween hats that speak for themselves

And then there's the carnival hat, which doesn't really need any more words. The XXL model, which can't be overlooked and already announces the importance of its wearer from afar, is a real eye-catcher in the truest sense of the word. The Christmas hat with tinsel also leaves no eye dry and many a witch's hat conveys an unmistakable message. With suddenly 50 centimetres more body height you are guaranteed not to get lost even in the biggest carnival confusion.

The advantages of Halloween hats in a nutshell

What is the reason for the carnival hat, apart from its almost inevitable function in certain costumes? Especially those who no longer have so much natural hair can answer this question succinctly. Instead of getting annoyed about the somewhat thinning parts or the not quite optimal hairstyle, you simply put on the carnival hat - and already the hair problems are at least temporarily a thing of the past. Also not to be underestimated: Hair is an essential identifying feature and will unmask you and your disguise in no time. With the right carnival hat you can prevent this problem in an elegant way. At least no one will be able to identify you by your typical braid or the characteristic black mop of hair. In order for you to be able to make your appearance in a carnival hat with confidence and to be able to do all sorts of dirty deeds, the wearing comfort is also very important. To keep the carnival hat in place, there are different methods: An elastic band under the chin, for example, can secure the fit, or the cuddly material provides the perfect hold. Whichever fastening you prefer, the range is wide. If you have certain allergies, you should also take a look at the materials used in the carnival hat. This way you can avoid allergy-causing materials in case of doubt. And which way leads to the perfect carnival hat? It's easy: take a look around the online shop, get inspired and order your carnival hat in time for the next party. You can find more important costume accessories in the following categories:

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