Latex Horns

Latex horns for live role play & special make up effects

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Latex horns

Latex horns as special make up application

Latex horns can be used to represent many special characters, some of which have very special horns and would not be recognizable without them. Often a good LARP and Fantasy Make Up fails because of the special physical feature of the mythical creature or the mythical figure. With latex horns it is now easy to imitate the professional make-up artists and decorate yourself with distinctive horns.

Latex horns as application

Latex horns are usually glued to the skin with skin glue, also called mastic, and then adjusted to your own skin tone with theatrical make-up or make-up. After use, the latex horns can be easily removed again and can be reused several times if handled carefully.

Latex horns for different characters

There is a variety of latex horns, which, depending on size and shape, always cause astonishment, horror or amusement. How about the classic, red devil horns or the small, black demon horns that almost seem to grow out of the head at an angle. The classic horns of mythical creatures like the satyr or the faun are an integral part of theatre and mythology. Dress up as Maleficent, Unicorn or Pan with latex horns.

Latex horns for LARP, Cosplay and Visual Kei

There are many occasions where latex horns are used and have their place as costume accessories and special make up effects. Starting with live-roleplay over cosplay up to Visual Kei, which is still relatively unknown in this country, latex horns are very popular to represent the desired character effectively.
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