Latex Ears

Buy your latex Elf Ears at low prices. Order your Latex Ears for LARP, Cosplay and theatre online! Discover our huge selection of ear tips!

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A large choice of Latex Ears to spice up your costumes!

Why bother with Latex Ears?

Because Latex Ears are the little detail that will transform your costume from good to amazing! Whether you Cosplay as your favourite movie character, attend a Live Action Role-Playing game or plan the best Halloween party ever, these ears will leave all your friends in awe! What would Legolas be without his characteristic pointed Elf Ears? How terrifying can a werewolf be with cute rounded human ears? The only way to be properly convincing when dressing up as a mythical creature is to pay attention to the smallest detail. And using Latex Ears will definitely take your disguise to a whole new level of accuracy and credibility. You will turn from a normal human being into a fair elf, a furry beast, an unearthly alien or a mischievous evil devil, and your costumes will stand out among everyone else’s.

Moreover, our Latex Ears are extremely easy to use. They fit all sizes of ears and are ready to be put on! You can use Mastix Hautkleber klein and Skin Color Make Up Kit / Flesh Stack to create a seamingless transition to your skin and to push the level of realism even further. Then, when the party is over and you want to turn back to your human form, simply use the Make Up & Mastic Remover and store the ears carefully in order to use them again on the next occasion that arises. Our selection of Halloween Wigs & Beards can also help to blend in your Latex Ears with your disguise, making them appear as real as possible.

From Elf Ears to Devil Ears, a solution for every occasion!

With a large selection of Elf Ears of all sizes and shapes you can add to your costume all the subtlety required to make the difference between an Elven Ears Made Of Latex and a Sun Elf Ears from the Forgotten Realms. Furthermore, you can even opt for more generic pointy Elf Ears Latex that will suit all your needs. With the Elf Ears, you will rock your fantasy-themed parties, Lord of the Rings marathons or Dungeons and Dragons events.

Feeling malicious? A devil`s tail, a wicked grin, a lot of bad intentions and you are ready to wear the Devil Ears! If you are cosplaying as a demon or an evil creature, you probably already thought about a set of Latex Horns, but it is the Devil Ears that will give just the right amount of evilness that was missing to your costume! With the addition of Devil Makeup Stack and evil-looking Contact Lenses to your Devil Ears, get ready to release your inner demons upon the world!

Any other type of mythical creature or fantasy character will benefit from our varied range of Latex Ears: A Sci-Fi convention? Try our Alien Ears, Avatar Jake Sully Ears or Star Trek Spock ears ears. Or do you experience a sudden urge to feel blood dripping from your Contact Lenses? In that case vampire ears are made for you! If you feel like an animal in a cage and the sight of the moon drives you mad it’s time to consider our Werewolf ears Deluxe. A fantasy LARP coming soon and you don’t want to team with the good guys anymore? Maybe you will feel better with Orc or Goblin / Troll Latex Ears

Take the Elf and Devil Ears to the next level

You want to go even further? Our wide selection of Latex Noses and Halloween Teeth will work perfectly with Devil Ears as well as with Elf Ears or any type of ears you might choose.

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