Make-up & Special Effects

Halloween make-up & horror special make-up effects for make-up artists and hobby make-up artists. Order theatrical make-up and special make-up effects for your Halloween and carnival make-up now.

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Theatre make-up and SFX special effects

Versatility through special make-up

Make-up has become something normal in our everyday life - especially for the female sex. It can serve not only the own beautification in everyday life, but has versatile purposes. Not only children have the possibility to transform themselves with theatrical make-up and Halloween make-up, also adults use our make-up especially for carnival, Halloween or theme parties. In our online shop you can buy theater makeup and Halloween makeup as well as SFX special makeup.

Our assortment of special make-up leaves nothing to be desired

With our large assortment there are no limits to your creativity. You can use the special make-up versatile and achieve great effects that will surely amaze your guests at the next Halloween or theme party. Our range of make-up and special effects consists of the following subdivisions:

With the help of this variety, you can find the right makeup for you for your next Carnival Costumes or Halloween Costumes.

Theater make-up for the job and the spare time

Our large assortment of theatrical make-up and special make-up is not only aimed at private Halloween and theme parties, but can also be used in theatre and film. Professional make-up artists and hobby make-up artists alike will find the right utensils for their elaborate SFX special effects in our online shop.

Theater make-up for impressive effects

With the help of special make-up you can impress your guests with great effects that they didn't expect. Besides the perfect Halloween Make Up and Professional Theatrical Make-up our special make-up will help you to make an eerily beautiful appearance. These include Film Blood, Latexmilch 470ml or Mastic Skin Glue 29,5ml. These great effects can be created with Special FX Make up Tools, as the conventional make up is not suitable for this due to its nature. It is mainly used when wounds have to be portrayed in film or theatre. If you are allergic to latex, we also offer ready-made wounds made of gelatine in our shop. Here you can find for example the 3D Tattoo Rotted or Bio SFX Pock Marks.

Theater make-up for every age

Even for children's parties, where our special make-up is often not suitable, you will find exactly the right thing in our online shop. Water and grease make-up is particularly suitable for children's make-up. The water make-up is very easy to apply with a damp cloth Make Up Brushes & Sponges. To draw particularly filigree decorations, the make-up can be applied with fine brush strokes. After application, the make-up dries on the skin. To make the paint last longer, you can also protect it from running due to perspiration with a little Makeup Setting Spray 30ml. This step is necessary to prevent smudging after only a short time. After the successful children's party, you can wash off the theatre make-up easily and without rubbing with water and a little soap.

An alternative to this make-up is grease make-up, which can also be used as theatre make-up. It is available in many color shades and is easier to mix than water make-up. Here you are both creative and colorful no limits. It is also sweat and waterproof, but can still be washed off with water and baby or cooking oil. You can use both water and fat make-up as Halloween make-up.

Halloween make-up for your spooky appearance

What would a Halloween Costumes be without the right Halloween make-up? Only with our Halloween make-up your horror figure will come to life and look authentic. It gives you the opportunity to design your outfit individually and can complete what Masks and small decorations can only partially achieve. Besides the usual Halloween make-up you can also use Film Blood. With this special effect you will surprise and scare your guests. For example, you can order the matching Vampire Fangs to your vampire costume in our online shop. Together with the movie blood, you'll turn into a creepy vampire and bloodsucker.

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