Make-up & special effects

Halloween Makeup & Horror Special makeup effects for makeup artists and hobby make-up artists. Now order theatrical make-up and special make-up effects for your Halloween and carnival make-up

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Theatrical make-up and SFX special effects

Versatility through special make-up

Make-up has become something normal in our everyday lives - especially for the female sex. It can not only serve its own beautification in everyday life, but has versatile uses. Not only children have the opportunity to transform through make-up make-up and Halloween make-up, adults also use our make-up especially for Carnival, Halloween or theme parties. In our online shop you can buy theatrical make-up and Halloween make-up as well as SFX special make-up.

Our range of special make-up leaves nothing to be desired

With our large assortment your creativity knows no bounds. You can use the special make-up versatile and achieve great effects that will amaze your guests at the next Halloween or theme party. Our assortment for make-up and special effects consists of the following subdivisions:

You can use this diversity for your next one Fancy Dress Costumes or Halloween Costumes find the right make-up for you.

Theatrical makeup for work and leisure

Our wide range of theatrical make-up and special make-up is not only aimed at private Halloween and theme parties, but can also be used in theater and film. Professional make-up artists and hobby make-up artists will find the right utensils for their elaborate SFX special effects in our online shop.

Theatrical make-up for impressive effects

With the help of special make-up you can impress your guests with great effects that they did not expect. In addition to the perfect Halloween SFX Make-Up and Professional Theatrical Makeup Our special make-up will also help you to have an eerily beautiful appearance. These include, among others Stage Blood . Latexmilch 470ml or Mastic Skin Glue 29,5ml , These great effects can be created with special FX make up tools, as the conventional make-up is not suitable because of their nature. It is used primarily when wounds need to be displayed in film or theater. If you are allergic to latex, we offer in our shop just finished wounds made of gelatin. Here you can find the example 3D Tattoo Rotted or Bio SFX Pock Marks ,

Theatrical makeup for all ages

Even for children's parties, where our special make-up often does not fit the field of application, you will find exactly the right one in our online shop. For the make-up of children especially the water and fat make-up is. The water make can be easily with a wet Makeup Brushes & Sponges Apply. To draw particularly delicate ornaments, the make-up can be applied with fine brushstrokes. After application, the make-up dries on the skin. In order to keep the color longer, you can add something with it Makeup Setting Spray 30ml protect against sweating before bleeding. This step is necessary to prevent blurring after a short time. After the successful children's party, you can wash off the theatrical make-up easily and without rubbing with water and a little soap.

An alternative to this make-up is the greasepaint, which can also be used as a theatrical make-up. It is available in many shades and can be mixed in contrast to the water make easier. Here you have both design and color no limits. In addition, it is sweat and waterproof, but can still be washed off with water and baby or cooking oil. Both water and greasepainting can be used as a Halloween make-up.

Halloween make-up for your scary appearance

What would be one Halloween Costumes without the right Halloween make-up? Only through our Halloween makeup your horror figure is breathed life and looks authentic. It gives you the opportunity to customize your outfit and can accomplish what Masks and small decorations can only partially reach. In addition to the conventional Halloween make-up you can additionally Stage Blood use. With this special effect you will surprise and scare your guests. For example, you can add the right one to your vampire costume Vampire Fangs order in our online shop. Together with the movie blood, you then transform yourself into an eerie vampire and bloodsucker.

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