Hawaii Party & Summerfest

Celebrate your beach party and the summer festival under a very special motto. How about a Hawaiian party or a jungle camp theme? With us you will find lots of cool party articles on the theme of sun, sea and beach.

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Hawaii Party & Summer Party

It's finally summer and flashy theme parties invite you to the beach!

Cool drinks and hot girls in bikinis are as much a part of the Hawaii party as crunchy guys in boxers and a crate of beer under inflatable palm trees. Why not celebrate your summer party with a very special theme? How about a Hawaiian party or a jungle camp theme. You'll find lots of cool items that fit the theme of sun, sea and beach.

We carry everything from flower necklaces to bastinis and horny shell bikinis that make you think of vacation. Dress up your Hawaiian party with our colorful garlands and lanterns and serve drinks in coconut bowls or pineapple cups. There's a huge range of inflatable gimmicks like the pink flamingo, surfboards, air guitar and cute fish. Even an inflatable shark shouldn't scare you away from jumping into the cold water. With our party supplies, your Hawaii party is guaranteed to be a success.

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