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Lipstick & Lipgloss and Lipliner as makeup tool for checking for your Beauty and carnival makeup. Now Order cheap lips makeup online

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Lipstick, lip gloss and lip liner

The lipstick has always been one of the main make-up utensils and ranges most likely back to the period 3500 BC.
The history of lipstick from Nefertiti over the Baroque to the twenties, in the lipstick was first placed in a proper enclosure.
In many cultures, the makeup of lips was customary prohibited again in other cultures it.While it only artists and love servants found chic among the Greeks perform with painted lips, it was in Japan to appear with painted lips for rich women compulsory.Red colored lips even were ever politically motivated for the self-determination of women: When in 1912 the suffragettes their march competed by New York, these all wore lipstick!
Colored lips were and still are part of rituals, ceremonies, or simply meant only to beautify.The lipstick is now the biggest selling cosmetic product in the world and can be found in almost every color again.


Selects the right lipstick color for your desired character.This can then with the lipstick itself or with a lipstick brush to apply.If the lipstick for several people to use, is always a lipstick brush oruse applicator! Begins when applying lipstick always in his mouth, and bring these from there over the entire lip area.It is important that the lipstick color does not extend beyond the actual lips.After you made the makeup of the lips since you pressed one another both lips, what the lipstick also distributes evenly.


  •  Surround them lips with a lip liner to make before the contour easier
  •  Scattern lips before the first application of lipstick
  •  To tighten the lips When applying lipstick
  •  Apply the end, a little lip gloss to fix the lipstick -


The lip liner is an indispensable helper so you can put your mouth with lipstick in scene without that loses its contour.Carrying the first lip liner as an outline and then paint your lips with lipstick from.Take care that lip liner color and lipstick color blend together.With a lip liner you can model, shade and offset shapes lips practically.

lip gloss

Lips with lip gloss, also called lip gloss, shine treated mostly Wet Look or are provided with glitter particles.Many of the species Lipgloss maintain lips ensure a longer lasting lipstick color and conceal small lip wrinkles

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