Carnival Masks

Carnival masks are the guarantee for a happy carnival party and the carnival parade. Order a funny carnival mask and mask up for the masquerade ball!

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What makes carnival masks so popular?

Slipping into different roles, being a completely different person or even a completely different, imaginative being - who doesn't enjoy that? You've got the right costume for THE carnival party, but make-up doesn't transform you well enough into the appearance you want to be? For exactly this wish the carnival masks are the best. Especially if you really want to keep the person behind the disguise hidden. From the Planet of the Monkeys Half Mask to the Charlie Chaplin Maske to the Spiderman Half Mask. The complete face or even the whole head will be completely covered and you will hardly be recognized - just as you surely wanted!

What makes a carnival mask a carnival mask?

Whether you want to show who is behind the disguise or not - that is up to you. But if you tend not to be recognized, you will of course attract the attention of your fellow men in a mysterious way. "Who is that really?", "Not even by the voice I can recognize her or him!",- statements that can be quite amusing. If you want to have exactly this experience, you'd better reach directly for the carnival masks than to try - perhaps even in vain - at the carnival make-up. That's exactly what makes the carnival mask so special: For one day you put aside your everyday appearance and bring famous people, who have passed away a long time ago or are too far away, or even invented beings into reality, into the here and now: Just slip into the costume, put on the carnival mask and go, Trump half mask PVC!

What are the differences between carnival masks?

The great variety of carnival masks could be divided, for example, into the categories Halloween (scary/horror, example Day of the Dead Catrina mask, fantasy (faces from cartoon series/movies, example Homer Simpson Mask), dolls (example Muppets Animal Mask), famous personalities (example Barack Obama mask) and science fiction (example Avatar Jake Sully mask). There are almost no limits to the subdivision, since there are masks for almost everything that man can imagine. Unlike Halloween, where everything revolves around horror and horror, carnival costumes can be of any kind. The choice of themes is therefore almost endless! But exactly this can be an advantage: You simply take your favorite disguise and choose the matching carnival mask to go with it. Depending on which theme you have chosen, the outfit, and especially the mask, will trigger completely different effects and reactions in the people around you. Goosebumps from fear, a laugh, big eyes from enthusiasm, a wry look, disgust... Everything is possible. The carnival masks are so multifaceted and colorful, just everyone gets the appearance they want. And if the carnival masks weren't so different, that wouldn't even be possible!

How do I know that the mask fits me?

Most masks are available in one size (if not stated otherwise) and are made of latex. It is this material that makes the carnival masks so elastic and malleable for every face and head shape. Whether the face seems to be "too small" or the head "too big", you don't have to worry about that. But if the carnival mask should really sit too loose, you can simply stuff it with, for example, soft soft cloths. If you have sensitive skin, it's best to use cotton wool or something similar so that there is no unpleasant friction on the skin when you wear it. If you wish, you can apply some moisturizer beforehand. To ensure that everything fits properly at the party, it is advisable to try out your mask in advance within your own four walls. But what counts most in the end: That the carnival mask fits the rest of your outfit, of course!
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