fake blood as realistic movie blood

Realistic looking fake blood is an indispensable special make-up effect for make-up artists as theatre blood and film blood. Order fake blood, blood gel, blood capsules and blood powder as Halloween make-up effect & prop now.

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What is film blood?

Artificial blood, which is used as realistic-looking film blood in the cinema, in the theater and in realistic accident depiction as a special make-up effect, has as artificial blood usually a light to dark red color, which corresponds to the color and consistency of real blood. Professional fake blood and film blood, like theatrical blood, is ideal for the realistic and drastic depiction of rough accidents, brutal crimes and combative action scenes. Liters of fake blood are not only used in theatres and movies for gruesome scenes, but can also be used as movie blood to turn your next Halloween party into a real splatter orgy. A huge selection of fake blood, theatrical blood and film blood for various applications can be found in our range.

Our assortment of film blood

Our amazingly real-looking fake blood comes as a professional film blood both in color and consistency of human blood very close. In order to represent particularly drastic injuries and wounds, the film blood is available from light to dark, from liquid to viscous or, if the fake blood should already look older, also in clotted or as encrusted scab.

A tip from us: To make your special make-up effect look really realistic, it's best to use two different shades of red fake blood. With light and dark film blood next to each other you will achieve a fantastic realistic effect.

Our professional equipment of fake blood includes:

  • Light fake blood as liquid film blood for scars & wounds.
  • Blood gel - the viscous Halloween special make-up
  • Blood capsules - for the mouth in film quality
  • Blood spray - ideal for concealing transitions from latex wounds
  • Blood powder - for rough SFX effects like cuts & whiplashes
  • Blood pillow - to represent gunshot or stab wounds

Fake blood at the theater

You are sitting in the theatre or cinema and suddenly a shot is fired or there is a fight. The actor is obviously injured and everything looks like real blood. Especially in the professional field it is important that the theatrical blood looks as realistic as possible. At the theatre and in the movies the blood pillow is often used because it can be used situationally. All it takes is a push or light pressure applied to the blood pillow. It bursts open and the theatrical blood is distributed on the clothes of the actor. With the help of fake blood in the blood pillow it is also possible for you to create frighteningly realistic effects.

The invisible film blood

For an unpredictable bloody moment, the blood powder is suitable. As fake blood, the blood powder is invisible on dry skin, which makes the surprise effect even greater. Only in combination with water the blood powder turns into fake blood. This effect works well in spontaneous situations, such as a choreographed brawl. However, you should keep in mind that as theatrical blood, it does not wash out of textiles easily and may discolor your skin slightly for some time. Therefore, it is advisable to wear dark or worn-out clothes during the action.

Theater blood as a must-have for your Halloween outfit

The creepy effect is only coherent if your outfit matches it. For perfect creepy fun our theatrical blood is perfect. Movie blood is the must-have for every scary Halloween costume. Our syringes filled with fake blood are the perfect match for a nurse costume. Would your guests let you take care of them like this?

Another popular fake blood product are our blood capsules that you can bite in your mouth. These capsules are suitable for theatrical productions as well as for private Halloween or carnival parties. To create this cinematic moment, you bite the blood capsule in your mouth and immediately the red liquid flows out of your mouth. Your guests won't expect the shock of theatrical blood in your mouth.

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