Adhesive Tattoos

Adhesive tattoos in super realistic colors to apply to the skin are the party gag ever! The stick-on tattoos are hardly distinguishable from real tattoos.

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Artificial adhesive tattoos

Let yourself be stuck instead of pricked!

Artificial adhesive tattoos in super realistic colors to attach to the skin, or on fine nylon fabric, are the party gag ever! The adhesive tattoos range from pirate tattoos in antique look to crude tattoo wounds such as bullet holes, pus wounds and lacerations. If the artificial tattoos should be even more extensive, our tattoo sleeves, T-shirts or even entire tattoo suits are suitable.

The motifs of the ultra-thin nylon tattoos range from Japanese dragon motifs to old school motifs that have become modern again. With these fake but realistic looking adhesive tattoos you can shock your surroundings and complete your carnival and Halloween costume. What would a real pirate or dangerous convict be without his typical tattoos?

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