Fake Tattoos

Stick on tattoos in super realistic colours are the ultimate party gag! The tattoo decals are hard to tell from real tattoo.

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Fake Stick On Tattoos

Get a tattoo on your skin instead of under your skin

Fake Stick On Tattoos in super realistic colours or tattoo designs printed on super thin nylon are the ultimate party gag! The Fake Stick On Tattoos contain old school pirate designs and hardcore wound tattoos like entance wounds, festering wounds and lacerations. If you're looking for bigger-sized fake tattoos, we recommend our tattoo sleeves, tattoo t-shirts and tattoo jumpsuits. Printed on thin nylon you'll find everything from Japanese dragon designs to newly modern old school designs. With our realistic looking Fake Stick On Tattoos you can shock your family and friends and add the finishing touches to your Carnival and Halloween costume. What would a real pirate or a dangerous villain be without a characteristic tattoo?

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